The Perfect Toys For 5 Types Of Dogs

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 24, 2016

No matter the pup, there’s a toy out there that’s made for their unique personality. And the best part of finding what tickles their fancy, floats their boat, or makes their leg twitch? Getting to try them all and pick a favorite! (Or favorites, let’s be honest.)

TYPE 1: Active—Otherwise known as the “Can’t Get A Non-Blurry Photo” pups. These canines are up for just about anything, unless you plan on Netflixing on your couch for an afternoon.

TOY A: K9 Kannon Ball Launcher, $19+

For when the meager throwing power of a human arm just isn’t enough. You get a great index-finger workout, and your dog gets a nap when it’s over.

barkshop k9 kannon ball launcher

TOY B: Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug, $4.89+

Great for the pups who need to let off some steam and fling something around the yard. They can get their active brains working, too, by moving the rope to release the treats inside.

dachshund tug a jug toy

TOY C: Tether Tug, $49.99+

Perhaps one of the only times you can laugh in the face of physical exercise and let your dog do all the work. Must have: grass, and a chair to sit in and watch.

tether tug corgi

TYPE 2: Lazy—A.K.A. the dogs you have to bribe to go outside and pee once in a while. Everything is hunky-dory in their minds unless you suggest they use the muscles in their legs.

TOY A: Peanut Butter Benebone, $10+

Calories: Nonexistent. Movement required: Basically none.

peanut butter benebone

TOY B: Frank the Frog Prince, $14

Since he’s probably planning on taking a nap after his nap, your pup may as well have the perfect snuggle buddy for any bedtime story.

frank the frog prince

TOY C: Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball, $4.19+

The one thing that can get any lazy bones dog off his butt is a handful of treats or kibble. Sorry pal, there’s a (fun) catch: you have to play to get it.

omega paw tricky treat ball

TYPE 3: Smart—Equally famous for rivalling Houdini as expert escape artists, these pups need constant stimulation for their big fat genius brains. If they get bored, your throw pillows have reason to fear for their lives.

TOY A: Outward Hound Treat Maze, $14+

This bad boy will definitely make a 4.0 student out of your puzzle-solving pup. Try it with your dog’s fav tiny treats, or grab the already-paired toy + treat set for easy shopping!

britta treat maze barkshop

TOY B: Buster ActivityMat + 3 Activities, $69

Customizable, portable, and as challenging as you want it to be, just snap on a new activity for some rainy day fun.

gus and melissa buster activitymat barkshop

TOY C: Dog Twister, $34.99

With a “level 3” difficulty rating (for the dogs who laugh in the face of ordinary puzzles), the Dog Twister requires multiple steps to get the reward. Take THAT, smarty-pups!

dog twister

TYPE 4: Affectionate—Oh, you have to get up? Sorry, there’s a dog on your lap. You’ll have to learn to pee with an audience and forget ever getting any privacy for the rest of forever. But it’s cool, ’cause they’re cute.

TOY A: Tuggy, $9

Get a grip—literally. It’s all about sharing the fun, and you’ll have no pawblem joining your best friend in the game.

tuggy barkshop

TOY B: Chuckit! Sport Launcher, $8+

NO MORE SLOBBERY HANDS! Launch the bright orange Chuckit! balls as many times as your pup’s heart desires, and never have to touch them again.

chuckit sport launcher barkshop

TOY C: Agility In A Bag Set, $195

You and your velcro pup are close, but a fantastic (and fun!) way to hang out and develop that bond is by working through an agility course. Try this beginner’s guide to agility training as an easy training tool!


TYPE 5: Independent—Sometimes eerily cat-like in nature, these pups take on the aloof persona of the lone wolf. They’ll tolerate your affection, but much prefer to play the role of “co-existing” roommate rather than BFF.

TOY A: Jaws Apple Pomme, $12

Keep ’em busy, keep ’em happy. Your stand-alone pupper can exercise his brain AND clean his teeth with this treat-dispensing apple.

jaws apple pomme barkshop

TOY B: StarMark Bob-A-Lot, $11.98+

Use this wobbling toy to feed your dog his meals, or just pop a few yummy treats in the top for some quality one-on-one time (for your dog and himself).

bob-a-lot toy

TOY C: iFetch Ball Thrower (small + large), $115+

She’s a strong, independent dog who don’t need no human to throw her tennis balls!

ifetch ball thrower

Go forth and play!

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featured image via @BarkBox/Instagram + @SuaveGustav/Instagram

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 24, 2016

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