6 Highly-Rated Pet Carriers For Small Dogs From Amazon

Written by: Nicole Zalat

August 17, 2017

One of the perks of working at BARK is getting to hang out with puppers all day. Co-workers trek into the office with their dogs in tow, often in stylish carriers or even repurposed totes. As the human to a Big *ss Dog (BAD), I wish my morning routine consisted of telling Lady to hop into her royal palanquin bag so I could hoist her onto my shoulder and bring her along on my commute to work. Alas, Her 75 lb. Royal Highness must stay home every day while I go bring home the proverbial bacon.

Driven by my jealousy curiosity, I’ve asked my colleagues what makes a good carrier for their small-to-medium sized dogs. Here are their recommendations, in no particular order.

Wheel Around Pet Travel Carrier by Snoozer
Best for jet-setting pups and their humans

First of all, in my next life, I want to be a dog who gets to ride in one of these. There’s tons of mesh all around for maximum visibility and airflow (don’t want pups to get overheated), and the carrier can be rolled or used as a backpack. The pockets on the sides are great for treats or a leash, and your pup can be strapped into the carrier via a harness for safety. My favorite feature is that it is completely collapsible, so it won’t take any extra space in your home when it’s not in use.

Seatbelt loop for strapping into car
Airplane approved
Easy to clean fabric

LOVED BY: Edna & Ian
BUY HERE, $120

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed
Best for road-tripping families

The folks at Sleepypod have managed to make a stylish carrier that can also be used as a bed and car seat, all without sacrificing your pup’s comfort. This mobile bed has been crash-tested at the standard set for child safety restraints to give pup parents peace of mind. Oh, and if your dog gets a little anxious about traveling, this carrier can be used as a bed at home so your tiny friend can have a piece of home wherever you go.

Easy to clean foam bedding wrapped in waterproof cover
Reduces stress
Top half of carrier can be removed completely

LOVED BY: Noodle + Jon
BUY HERE, $160-180

WOpet Fashion Pet Carrier
Best for the fashionista

So apparently this purse is made to carry your dog (or cat but that’s not why we’re here) in, but really it just looks like a regular stylish black bag, which is great if you’re not about to sacrifice style just because your dog is tagging along for the day. I’d probably just buy this to use as a regular purse and maybe sometimes as a dog purse. And I’m totally not recommending you smuggle your dog into places they aren’t allowed, but the sides are covered in a breathable mesh that allows your dog to look out while remaining invisible to people on the outside, so there’s that.

PU leather
For dogs (and other pets, but again, we’re here for the dogs only) up to 14 lbs.
Breathable mesh

LOVED BY: Charlie + Perry

Outward Hound PoochPouch Front Carrier
Best for outdoorsy pups and humans

Sometimes you need to go long distances but your teeny weeny pup can’t keep up, or the terrain isn’t the safest for your pup. This carrier is the answer to your dog-toting needs: affordable, easy to use, and convenient. You can wear this carrier as a backpack or swing it around to the front so you can pretend you’re a kangaroo. Best of all, at the low price of $18, it can be a good backup to whatever travel system you have at the moment, because when it comes to keeping our dogs happy, options are everything. 🙌

Lightweight water resistant nylon
Interior safety harness to keep bouncy puppers safe
Small and large pouches for personal items

LOVED BY: Judah + Casey

Texsens Bubble Backpack
Best for space nerds

If you like to pretend your dog is a furry astronaut, this is the bag of your dreams. It’s made with synthetic leather and includes a removable pad you can check into the washing machine to keep it fresh. What I love about this most is that the window allows pups to check out the sights without being at risk of jumping out every time they see a squirrel or pigeon.

Fits dogs up to 10 pounds
Adjustable padded shoulder straps
Semi-sphere window design for visibility

LOVED BY: Sophie + Rob

Alphie Pet Reversible Sling Carrier
Best for pups on a budget

This reversible sling lets your dog hang out in his own personal hammock while you’re out and about. The sling itself is reversible, featuring a polka dot pattern on the inside. This would be a great carrier for an older dog who may appreciate the ease of stepping into the sling, and is ideal for humans who get to take their dog to work with them and need to commute on public transportation. Oh, and the best part? It’s machine washable!

Did I mention it’s machine washable?
Measures 9” deep, best for puppers under 12 pounds
Safety collar hook which honestly at this point seems pretty standard

LOVED BY: Andi + Lisa

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

August 17, 2017

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