5 Inventions That Will Save Dog Parents’ Time And Sanity

Written by: Nicole Zalat

December 12, 2014

Ever had a great idea for a neat invention but didn’t know how to get it off the drawing board? There’s a company that takes care of that for you.

Quirky pulls together ideas that have been submitted on their site, users vote on which ones they’d like to see produced, and Quirky takes care of the rest. Some of the products on the site are geared towards dogs, but we’re not too sure they would’ve made it past the development stage if dogs had a say.

1. Kosoku leash

Take this Kosoku leash, for instance. The conveniently integrated poop bag holder will make sure you’ll never have to pick up your dog’s waste with an empty chip bag you fished out of the trash while people stared.


Sure, it’s the answer to all your poop-picker-upper problems, but what would your dog think?


That you’re the biggest party pooper ever. Part of the fun for a pup going #2 is figuring out how many bags you have, then pooping that many times +1.

Image via Off The Leash
Image via Off The Leash

2. Pawcet drinking fountain

Then there’s the Pawcet drinking fountain for dogs, which hooks up to a garden hose so your pup can have water at the touch of a paw.

6_Pawcet-Lifestyle_3120 (1)

What’s not to love about this? Your pup will never go thirsty anymore while getting his tan on in the backyard. But would a dog vote “yes” on it?

via Buzzfeed
via Buzzfeed

DUH. Now it’ll be easier to splash water on the tiny human’s face. And the cat’s face. It’s like a mini-Super Soaker for mischievous dogs.

3. Pedestal

For those of you with dogs who need elevated food bowls, the Pedestal is a bowl holder that allows you to adjust the height. You know who will appreciate this? People with back problems who shouldn’t be bending over.


You know who else will appreciate this? Your humongous dog who no longer has to clumsily drag his ears on the floor to get a sip of water. Or share his precious water with the small dogs in the house.

wigflip-saywhat (1)

4. Leashbiner

Say your dog poops and runs off in the opposite direction, making it impossible for you to bend over and pick up his waste. Your only option is to tie him up to the first bike rack/lamppost/bench you see, leaving your hands free to collect that steaming pile o’ doody. Problem solved, except you run the risk of having a runaway pup.


Instead of having to unclip your dog’s leash and tie it haphazardly, the Leashbiner has a carabiner you can quickly use to secure your dog to a pole. If dogs could vote on Quirky, they’d probably just pass on this one, because it would rob them of the chance to laugh at your despair. The only pup who would vote yes is this one:

via The Telegraph
via The Telegraph

5. Bobble Bone

Dog people are no strangers to the various types of dogs toys that allow dogs to work for their treats. The Bobble Bone is just like most treat-dispensing toys, except one part screws off to make refilling easier.


So what would your dog think of the Bobble Bone? Well, easy refilling means more treats, so ALL THE YES.


All images via Quirky, unless otherwise noted.

Written by: Nicole Zalat

December 12, 2014

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.