10 Toys To Satisfy Your Retriever’s Urge To Fetch

Not all dogs are created equal. Differences in disposition, attitude, and intelligence vary immensely from breed to breed. For centuries, dog-owners have recorded these differing traits, selecting the right breed for their unique needs: some dogs were bred to be hunters; others were predisposed watchdogs. And while our uses for our furry friends have changed over time, their unique traits have remained static. meme Retrievers are widely recognized for their playful personality and gentle disposition. Thus, the toys you select should complement these characteristics. meeko_goldenretriever So here are 10 perfect toys for your Retriever! 1. Chuckit! Sport Launcher, $16 chuckit Historically, Retrievers are bred to be hunters. As their name implies, they love a good game of fetch, making this Sport Launcher an ideal toy for your next visit to the park. Your Retriever will love chasing after the ball, and the launcher makes distance throwing a breeze, giving your innately athletic pup the ultimate workout. 2. IQ Treat Ball, $10 shop2 Retrievers are a highly intelligent breed with a notable ability to obey commands and stay focused on tasks. That said, your pup’s playful tendencies require constant entertainment. This IQ Treat Ball will stimulate your Retriever’s mind, keeping him busy for longer periods of time. When fetch isn’t an option, this puppy puzzle is a perfect alternative. 3. Heavy Duty Hurley, $8 c4dd6a1a71c7fcb3d856cfc85d71e163bb3b99ba Many Retriever owners notice their dog’s tendency to chew…on everything. Especially as puppies, they'll want to tear apart anything they can get their paws on. Setting them up with some toys of their own will help steer their destruction in the right direction. This Hurley toy is tough enough to withstand doggy bite marks, and will refocus your puppy’s attention. 4. Waterproof Fetch Ball, $10 shop4 Retrievers are natural hunters. Specifically, the breed originated in England, where they were used to retrieve waterfowl. So there’s nothing a Retriever likes more than a swim – it’s in their DNA! Use this waterproof Fetch Ball to mimic your dog’s ancestry. Just make sure you have a towel on hand for the wet coat to follow! 5. Orbee-Tuff Carrot Toy, $16 shop5 Combining your Retriever’s ability to focus on tasks with his inclination to chew, this toy kills two birds with one stone. Fill this rubber carrot with peanut butter, and your pup will be distracted for hours. And, the Orbee-Tuff Carrot toy is totally toss-able, great for a game of fetch. 6. Indoor Launcher, $13 shop1 On a rainy day, there’s nothing better than staying warm and dry. To satisfy your playful Retriever’s energetic appetite, use this Indoor Launcher, an ideal toy to keep your pup busy on cold and rainy days. Your Retriever will love chasing after the indoor roller, lined with micro-fibers to keep your valuables safe. 7. Diamond Plate Ball, $12 shop6 Chewable, fetchable, gripable…this ball’s got it all. This multi terrain ball is buoyant in the water, features diamond ridges for easy gripping, is durable enough to withstand chew marks, and will bounce for the ultimate fetch experience. Your Retriever will appreciate all these awesome features, fulfilling all your playtime must-haves. 8. Tug & Toss, $6 shop7 Most Retrievers will fetch and drop their toy at your feet. But sometimes, they’re up for a little tug-of-war. This toy offers an easy grip for human hands, and still features a knot that’ll go the distance when thrown in a game of fetch. 9. Chuckit! Max Glow Ball, $9 04aef8c01aa49580bb8f653216468d8ca3778617 No light? No problem. Retrievers don’t tire out quickly, and they’ll be ready to play day and night. This glow-in-the-dark ball allows you and your pup to fetch long after sundown. Throwing this ball around in the evening is a great way to tire your Retriever out for a solid night of sleep. 10. K9 Kannon Ball Launcher, $10 kannon We’re all familiar with the classic image of a Retriever, smiling proudly with a tennis ball wedged in his mouth. But as far as your pup is concerned, tennis balls are only as good as the distance their thrown. Or fired. No racket required. Interested in more content like this? Sniff this related article: 16 Beautiful Dog Toys You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself
Featured image via @meeko_goldenretriever /Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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