Hit The Trails With Super Chewer And Explore The “Fall Hike” Collection

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Super Chewer is hitting the trails and getting in touch with the great outdoors with the Fall Hike collection! Lace up your boots, adventure awaits!

Inside The Sketchbook

Every toy begins inside a designer’s sketchbook (our designers know two things: breathing and dogs—they’re experts). Their final designs are turned into 3D renders, prints, and, eventually, an awesome toy your dog will love, tucked neatly in your monthly box! Here’s a peek inside:


Franz the Fox

Unlike most foxes, which scream, Franz squeaks.

Why We Love It:

  • Rubber
  • Smoke-scented and squeaky
  • Wacky bounce that's great for fetch
  • Two versions with and without fuzzy tail
  • Small & Medium

Olga the Owl

Owls, like ogres and onions, have layers.

Why We Love It:

  • Natural rubber—peanut-scented!
  • Hardcore design and satisfying squeak
  • Wacky bounce that's perfect for fetch
  • Large

Fall Fetch Stick

Regular stick? Okay. Fake stick that smells like bacon? AMAZING.

Why We Love It:

  • Solid nylon
  • Bacon-scented
  • Great for serious chewing and fetch
  • Medium & Large | Want this toy in a size small? Add to your box via your account or chat with us for help!


The irony of hiding treats in a treat squirrels hide is not lost on us.

Why We Love It:

  • Natural rubber
  • Peanut scent
  • Great for dispensing treats & outdoor fetch
  • Small | Want this toy in Medium or Large? Add to your box via your account or chat with us for help!

Mighty Maple Leaf

My dog: *brings me a leaf* Me: wonderful, incredible, outstanding

Why We Love It:

  • Solid nylon
  • Maple-scented with a unique texture
  • Wobbles for the ultimate chewing experience
  • Small, Medium, & Large, included in the Double Deluxe box—double your box via your account or chat with us for help!

Pup's Treat Pinecone

That's the power of pinecone, baby.

Why We Love It:

  • Natural rubber with a peanut scent
  • Great for hiding treats or filling with peanut butter
  • Wacky bounce that's great for fetch
  • Small, Medium, & Large, included in the Double Deluxe box—double your box via your account or chat with us for help!

Fall Ball

According to the field guide, the squeaking is a good thing!

Why We Love It:

  • Natural rubber with a fun texture
  • Great for fetch
  • Apple-scented with a satisfying squeak
  • Small

Gnashing Pumpkin

"Alexa, play 1979."

Why We Love It:

  • Pumpkin-scented solid nylon
  • Best for serious chewing
  • Wobble form for easy grip
  • Small

Hardy Honeycomb

Hiking Hack: Don't fill actual honeycomb with peanut butter. The bees aren't allergic, they just don't like it.

Why We Love It:

  • Peanut-scented nylon
  • Great for serious chewing
  • Grooves are perfect for peanut butter
  • Small

Thumpin' Pumpkin

Fall law states that the dogs can have a little pumpkin spice—as a treat.

Why We Love It:

  • Pumpkin spice-scented natural rubber
  • Perfect for peanut butter and treats
  • Great for fetch
  • Medium & Large

Woof Woof Wood Slice

Fun fact: This tree has 3 rings, so it's 21 in dog years.

Why We Love It:

  • Solid nylon—bacon-scented!
  • Grooves are perfect for peanut butter
  • Best for serious chewing
  • Small

Super Chewer FAQS

What Is Super Chewer?

Each Super Chewer box includes two durable, fluff-free toys, two full-size bags of treats, two meaty chews, and a metric ton of happiness every single month.

How Does It Work?

You tell us all about your awesome dog, and choose your subscription plan. Sign up for a 6-month, 12-month, or monthly plan starting at $29/mo, and prepare for lots of tail wags and zoomies!

Can I Customize My Box?

Chew bet you can! Tailor all toys, treats, and chews however you like. Does your dog have chicken allergies? No clucking treats from us. Don’t like fuzz on your toys? Got it.

You can even switch up your box item ratios with fewer toys and more treats, all toys, no chews; whatever makes your pup happy. Just reach out to our Happy Team and we’ll make it happen. (To do so, please please email [email protected], message us on Facebook or Instagram, or use the live chat feature at

What If My Dog Destroys A Toy?

You have a determined pup on your hands! Don’t worry, if your dog defeats his nylon nemesis, we’ll replace it with something more suitable, no questions asked.

Wanna go for a hike? Sign up today and make your dog's month!

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