In-Depth Analysis of Top 7 Dog Subscription Boxes in 2020

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 13, 1995

You’re ready to get your dog the gift that keeps on giving but WHICH ONE? One quick “dog subscription box” Google search and you’re left with even more options than you knew existed. RUFF.

We’ve got you. We decided to weed through those pages of results and pull info from some of popular pup box subscriptions. Now you can compare and contrast to your heart’s desire!

Guide to Dog Boxes

Company Price per Month What Do I Get? Satisfaction Guarantee Stand Out Qualities
BarkBox $29 2 Toys, 2 Treats, 1 Chew 100% Happiness Guarantee Makes their own toys tied to a unique theme each month
Super Chewer $39 2 Chews, 2 Treats, 2 Chews 100% Happiness Guarantee Makes their own durable toys made for toy destroyers
Bullymake Box $39 2-3 Toys, 3-4 Treats 14 Day Guarantee All toys made in USA
Kong Box $40 2 Toys, 3 Treats Satisfaction Guaranteed Each box includes a recipe card
The Dapper Dog Box $36 2 Toys, 2 Treats/Chews, 1 Bandana 100% Satisfaction Limited edition bandanas included
Poochperks $28.95 – $31.95 5-6 Toys/Treats/Chews N/A Able to include toys for multiple dog sizes in one box
PupBox $39 5-7 Items 100% Satisfaction New training guides included each month

Ok, so now you know the basics but what if this info hasn’t quite painted the picture you need to make a decision? Sometimes seeing is believing, we know. If that’s the case, we’ve got pictures too.


Founded in 2012, BarkBox was one of the first dog subscription boxes. Each month brings two toys, two treats and a chew all uniquely designed and tied to fun theme.


Made for toy destroyers, Super Chewer is a more durable BarkBox. Packed full with two fluff-free toys, two full-size bags of treats, and two meaty, all-natural chews.

Bullymake Box

BULLYMAKE Box typically consist of three to four treats and durable nylon and rubber toys. Customers can opt to receive toys made with rope or ballistic material.

Kong Box

A monthly supply of two Kong toys and three treats, Kong boxes also include recipe cards as well as a card with personality tips to match your dog!

The Dapper Dog Box

Dapper Dog Box is currently the only box offering limited edition bandanas in their box in additions to two toys and two treats or chews.

Pooch Perks

Pooch Perks offers you the ability to customize all different aspects of your monthly box. You can choose how many items per month, plush or durable toys and even include toys for different size dogs in the same box.

Pup Box

Pup Box is a puppy-focused box. Each month you’ll get 5-7 items along with a training card that grows along with your pup!

Of course, these boxes all look great but this is not a one size fits all kind of deal. What if your dog has allergies? Or just simply only wants to squeak through all their days? Every dog is special! We totally get it and for that reason, here’s all the ways you can customize these boxes to be perfect for your fur-butted friend.

Customization Options

Company Size Options Can I add an extra toy? Can I customize toys? AND treats? How?
BarkBox Small, Medium, Large $9 Addition Yes Yes Reach out to customer service with requests
Super Chewer Small, Medium, Large $9 Addition Yes Yes Reach out to customer service with requests
Bullymake Box Increments of 10lbs going up to 160lbs $9 Addition No Yes Available on checkout page
Kong Box XS, Small, Medium, Large Free classic kong toy with first box Yes No Can choose chew strength and training needs upon signing up
The Dapper Dog Box XS, Small-Medium, Large-XL $13 Addition Yes No Email customer service
PoochPerks Small, Medium, Large, XL $8 Addition Yes Yes Choose plush or durable during sign up
PupBox XS, Small, Medium, Large No Yes Yes Email customer service

So now you have all the information, but what will be the biggest tail-wagging success? That choice is up to you.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 13, 1995

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.