17 Items For Sports Obsessed Dog Dads

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 15, 2015

There are all kinds of doggy dads out there, but this one’s for all those who’re as loyal to their teams as they are to their pups. You know the ones — they dress their dogs in the same throwback jerseys every Sunday, wake up extra early so they have the hiking trail to themselves, and save special seats for their four-legged friends at every tailgate. With Pawther’s Day just around the corner, we’ve picked out some of our favorites items and products for these spirited dads.

1. Pitbull Skate Deck, $67.95

Dogs on skateboards are all the rage these days. This funkadelic skate deck adorned with a Pittie is a way to get your pup on wheels without all the bumpy practice sessions.

skateboard good

2. Golden Retriever Pop Art Gym Bag, $20.97

You don’t need to try the latest cutting-edge workout to jazz up your gym routine. Just throw this Warhol-inspired bag over your shoulder and you’ll get a little pep in your step.

golden_retriever_pop_art_gym_bag meh

3. Baseball Jersey, $21

Until he’s bold enough to spring for the tattoo version, this baseball jersey will suffice.

rather be jersey good

4. Koozie, $5

Because sometimes the Sports Dad needs a beer or seven.

dog beers good

5. Mini Pini Golf Print, $30

This preppy pup would add some pawnache to any office space.

mini pini good

6. Play Ball Picture Frame, $15.99

This handcrafted wooden frame highlights dogs and sports; slip in a pic of the fam and you’ve hit yourself a home run 😉

frame good

7. Golf Club Head Cover, $55

Golf doesn’t HAVE to be serious. With this furry mug peeking out of his golf bag, he’ll smile through all those bogies and sand shots. You can add personalized dog tags to the order, too!

club cover good

8. Customizable Leash Holder, $42.95

You can pay homage to his team and his personal mascot with this customizable leash holder.

unleashed good

9. Travel Pillow, $19.95

For the stylish pair, a travel pillow shaped like a bone (because, duh) embroidered with his favorite team mascot. We hope it’s something regal like…the Xavier Blue Blob?

pillow good

10. Whistle Doggy Activity Monitor, $99

Short of participating in the NFL combine, this is the best way to keep tabs on a dog’s activity level. Bulldogs, you’ve been warned.


11. NBA Doggy Knitwear, $35

This hand-crocheted doggy tee will be a slam-dunk with the daddy NBA fan. You can also request players’ names and numbers for some serious swag.

knit miami good

12. Pet Tent, $29

A pint-size pad for a major league NFL fan, probably not suitable for defensive tackle kinda pup.

patriots dog tent good

13. MLB Dog Collar, $30.99

The classic baseball stitching on this leather collar is for the all-American pup and his All-American pop.


14. Raised Dog Bowls $50+

This legit dog bowl set is fit for daddy’s MVP—each one is handcrafted from solid wood, and can be customized with team colors, logos, dog names, and paw prints.

bowls good

15. Dog Hiking Vest, $59.95

Soak this vest in water and wring it out before embarking on an outdoor adventure and the evaporative cooling function will keep pup comfortable during even the hottest summer hikes.


16. Buddy System Leash, $26

This hands-free leash system is a must for the daddy-doggy running duo (and for any young pups you plan on taking to Disney World.)


17. Doggy Bike Basket, $52.72

Nothing bonds a dad and his dog like a good ole fashioned bike ride. Just look at Dorothy and Toto in Wizard of Oz…minus the wicked witch of the west…and that tornado…and the flying monkeys.


Featured image via Journal Sentinel Online

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 15, 2015

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