What Are Some Stuffless Dog Toys For My Dog?

Written by: Casey Estorque

January 10, 2019

Does your dog reduce new, fluffy toys into scraps of fabric and cotton within seconds? Are you tired of picking up bits of stuffing that seem to get everywhere? Then stuffless toys may be the perfect match for you and your pup! Hey, dog toys aren’t turkeys – so let’s skip the stuffing! These toys are packed with tons of fun and zero stuffing. Plus, they come in a wide variety. So, there’s a perfect match for your dog whether they’re a fetcher, thinker, tugger, or chewer. Keep reading for our top picks of stuffless dog toys!

Destroyer Dog Fluff

Fetch Toys

If your dog’s favorite recreation is retrieving, then these are the perfect toys for your pup. Hey – catch toys, not feelings!

Barkshop best balls ever

Don’t let the appearance of the “Best Balls Ever” deceive you, they’re far from an ordinary tennis ball. With their fuzzy exterior, bouncing capabilities, and hidden squeaker, this ball is sure to add excitement to your dog’s games of fetch.

Terrier Dog with BarkBox Orbee Globe Fetch Ball

This next one’s perfect for the jet-setting, globe-trotting pooch. Fulfill your dog’s wanderlust (and treat-lust) with this treat-dispensing bouncy ball. The “Orbee Globe Ball” is made of material that’s durable enough for avid chewers, yet soft enough for dogs to sink their teeth in. Plus, its raised design creates wild bouncing patterns – perfect for an unpredictable game of fetch!

Super Tough, Super Chewer Toys

These are the Hulk of dog toys, made with a durable design specifically for the strongest, toughest chompers.

With “Meghan’s Mug of Cocoa,” your pup can join you as you cozy up by the fireplace with a mug of piping hot chocolate. While dogs can’t enjoy real chocolate, your dog will have a blast chewing on this toy’s detailed texture and fishing out the hidden treats.

Shepherd Dog With Bark Benebone Bacon Pawplexer

The “Chicken Pawplexer” is perfect for the pooch whose favorite hobby is…eating! This all-natural toy has chicken flavor packed inside it and you can insert a jerky or bully stick to add to the tasty, chewy fun. Plus, it’s made with super tough nylon, so even the most vigorous chompers can go to town on this toy.

Plush Toys

Stuffless doesn’t have to mean hard and tough! These are stuffless options for pups who prefer plush and soft toys.

Have the ultimate “My dog ate my homework!” tug-o-war moment with the “Squeak-N-Spell.” Each page of this unique toy is filled with crinkle material and a classic squeaker. Plus, it’s made of tough ballistic nylon. So, chewing time will be more exciting and long-lasting than with the average fluff-filled toy!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we all know you have a special someone… your dog! Give your furry valentine a bouquet a flowers he’ll love, cherish, and slobber all over. This “Flower Bouquet” includes a super-crinkly newspaper that wraps four individual flowers. Each flower is filled with either a squeaker of crinkle paper. With this bouquet, you get five toys in one!

Tug Toys

What could your dog possibly love more than playtime with you? Hmm…maybe playtime that includes you and treats! These tug toys will take your games of tug-o-war to a whole new level with their unique designs and tasty surprises.

The “Venus Fly Tug” is perfect for chewing, tugging, and snacking! The fly trap body is made of super durable material, doubles as a treat dispenser, and even comes with a rope for epic games of tug-o-war!

Pit Bull WIth Corn on the cob Barkbox toy

The “Shuck n’ Chuck Corn Cob” is stuffed with features – and no fluff! It includes a treat dispenser, all-natural rubber, crinkly leaves, and a nylon tug rope. This husk was made for Huskies (and every other breed). Sorry, hope that pun wasn’t too corny.

Spiky Ball Core Toys

You won’t find stuffing inside these toys, but you will find a surprise! Each Spiky Ball Core Toy comes with a comes with a durable, squeaky bonus toy hidden inside the soft outer layer.

This toy is perfect for a patriotic pup! The “Lady Liberty Ball” features a bouncy spiky ball encased in durable plush. Let your dog show off their American pride (and impressive chewing abilities) with this patriotic toy.

Bernese Mountain Dog Drop the mic barkshop tug toy

Does your hound howl all night? Does your chihuahua yap like a pup star? Then your dog will sing love ballads over the “Drop The Mic” toy! The microphone is filled with a surprise spiky core toy. Plus, it comes with a rope tail perfect for tug-o-war – oh, we mean karaoke!

Puzzle Toys

Playtime can be more than chewing, running, and tugging! Exercise your dogs mind (and taste buds) with treat-dispensing Puzzle Toys.

Pit Bull With BarkBox Casino Puzzle Toy

No need to fly to Vegas, your dog will hit the jackpot with the “Casino Puzzle“! With this treat-dispensing puzzle, you can hide treats in drawers that your pup needs to twist to open. Every time your pup cracks a treat-filled drawer, they’ll be more excited than you winning the slots!

Cattle Dog With BarkBox Dog Brick Puzzle Toy

Build your dog’s intelligence with the “Brick Puzzle“! This thinker toy will transform your hungry hound to an furry Einstein in no time. Watch your dog exercise their mind as they tries to uncover the treats hidden inside the toy.

Super Chewer BarkBox

Super Chewer BarkBox

And finally – are you looking for stuffing-less dog toys on the regular? Then get your pup the Super Chewer version of BarkBox. Every month, your pup will receive 2 brand-new Super Chewer Toys, 2 bags of delicious treats, and 2 meaty chews for as little as $29 a month. (A steal for a deal that’s worth over $50.)

Written by: Casey Estorque

January 10, 2019

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.