Breathe In, BARK Out With Super Chewer’s January Box: Sit, Stay, Spa Day

Modern life is all zoomies and tail-chasing, so while a backyard mud bath is nice, your pup deserves a rejuvenating sploot at a luxury spa! It’s time for a little ruff and relaxation, from mani-pettys and exfurliating belly rubs, to guided mutt-itation and squeak tissue massages.

Playtime Nirvana is just around the corner with Super Chewer’s Sit, Stay, Spa Day box!

What’s Inside The Super Chewer Sit, Stay, Spa Day Box?

Throwin’ The Towel

This toy won’t quit on your pup’s playtime. The towel fabric cover is great for thrashing during those invigorating games of fetch. Determined chewers will find a lavender-scented rubber core beneath. Apply some acupressure to make this toy squeak.

Chat with our Happy Team to add this Extra Toy to your monthly box—that makes three toys, two bags of treats, and two drool-worthy chews.

The Bubbler

Was a bubble that pops ever even there? Your dog won’t have to ponder such questions with this rubber toy made for gnawing and pawing. Its lavender scent will help lull them into lengthy chew sessions. Toss it outside to practice that ancient art of fetch.


More than just a decoration, this natural rubber, mint-scented toy comes alive with a squeak and wacky bounce that makes games of fetch more engaging. Add some peanut butter so that your pup can water it with plenty of drool.

Get this toy in the Double Deluxe box for large boxes—upgrade your account to add two additional toys, two bags of treats, and two extra chews this month!

Heeling Salt

Pamper your pup with a stimulating chew session. This nylon toy is the perfect way for your dog to relax as they paw and jaw their way to tranquility. The bacon scent will lull them into a deep state of muttitation. Dishwasher safe, because there will be drool.

Get this toy in the Double Deluxe box for small and medium boxes—upgrade your account to add two additional toys, two bags of treats, and two extra chews this month!

Treat Zenside

Your pup can’t reach enlightenment until they want for nothing. So burden this natural rubber toy with treats and help your dog earn their fulfillment. Games of fetch can also lead to a state of calm known as napping.

Get this toy in the Double Deluxe box—upgrade your account to add two additional toys, two bags of treats, and two extra chews this month!

Leaf Thrower

Our botanical therapy involves tugging this toy’s nylon strap and thrashing its tough twill layer in order to squeak in some pampered playtime. Determined chewers will find a peanut-scented rubber toy beneath.

Feel The Releaf

An invigorating chew session doesn’t grow on trees. But with this gnaw friendly nylon toy, your pup can paw and jaw to their heart’s content. Its mint scent and unique texture will inspire tranquil chewing while a bit of peanut butter adds a reward to playtime.

The Chew-Zen One

Fate has chosen this toy for your pup to chew, as it’s made of nylon and features a wacky wobble that will keep your dog grabbing, gripping and chewing. If your pup meditates on this toy’s peanut butter scent, they may manifest you spreading some PB on it for a more rewarding playtime. Toss it outside to tempt the paws of fate into a game of fetch.

Soaper Chewer

Let the heeling aura of this natural rubber toy wash over your pup. After a refreshing game of fetch, you and your dog can soak up the squeaks while lathering in this toy’s lavender scent.

Jade Mighty Bone

Serenity can come from precious bones as well as stones. This solid nylon toy is infused with refreshing mint and vanilla-scented for drool-producing meditation via gnawing and pawing. Toss it outside for a game of fetch, at least until your dog buries it in their zen garden.

Super Chewer Toy Size Chart

Namasit, namastay with a Super Chewer subscription!

Samantha Erb

4 weeks ago

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