Fetch This Month’s Tennis Ball Club Set Before They Bounce

According to history, the love affair between dogs and tennis balls bloomed shortly before the world’s first known “no take only throw” scenario.

That rare magic is always in the air at BARK, and it’s exactly why the Tennis Ball Club is taking reservations! Every month, we’ll unveil a new set of balls to add to your BarkBox or Super Chewer box. Log in to your account and subscribe to the club to get 3 seasonally-themed, squeaky, bouncy balls every month for $5 per month, or one time only for $7.

Each collection is just as fun as the last—you loved January’s spa day “bath bomb” balls, now check out February’s Squeakheart trio:

Curious about other Extra Toy Club series? Keep an eye on your add-to-box options for new surprises!

Samantha Erb

2 weeks ago

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