7 Dog Toys For Dogs Who Love To Chew

Do you ever look at a cute dog toy and think, "Yeah, that would last MAYBE 3 minutes with my dog, tops." I, too, have a monster chewer who makes light work of everything placed in front of her, toy or not. I gave up buying her toys that looked nice and started going for ones that looked durable. After all, it gets tiring having to pick up the sad shreds of plastic and fur left in my dog's wake. Here are 7 toys guaranteed to stand up to even the most ferocious chewer. Best for most dogs: BACON BENEBONE We have these strewn around the office, and I’ve never seen a dog refuse to play with this bacon-flavored bone. My dog Lady has two of these because she got them as gifts, and both are still going strong a year later. She’ll ignore most of her toys and go back to this every time for some late night loud teeth scraping, which I choose to imagine is her way of brushing her chompers before bed. WHY WE LOVE IT: Real bacon flavor Available in Small, Medium, and Jumbo Made in the USA BUY HERE, $10-18 Best for road trips: CHEWS THE RIGHT KEY This BARK original is made with love by the folks I work with, so of course I may be a little biased. But seriously, you guys, this thing is the key (hehe) to getting your dog to chill out somewhere by himself. It’s small enough to chuck in their overnight bag for sleepovers at Grandma’s or for trips with the family. Made with 100% nylon, it’ll be sure to please your serial gnawer. WHY WE LOVE IT: Made with love by the humans at BARK 100% made in the USA Bacon-scented, because why not? 😋 BUY HERE, $12-14 Best for hungry hungry doggos: SAFECHEW BIGGIE BONE This isn’t your average treat-dispensing bone. You can actually bake or freeze treats for your dogs directly inside it! Imagine the tasty combos you can come up with to keep your pupper occupied year-round. And no need to worry about the cleanup: the Biggie Bone is dishwasher safe, too! WHY WE LOVE IT: Oven-safe to 450 degrees Textured ends for massaging gums Food-grade silicone BUY HERE, $17.49 Best for mermaid dogs TUGGO WEIGHTED EXERCISE TOY Boasting a 10-inch hard plastic ball and 4 feet of replaceable cotton rope, the Tuggo toy is versatile and heavy duty, perfect for the kind of dog whose life goal is to be as rough as possible while playing. You can add water to the inside of the ball to make it weigh more, which is great for tiring out even the most hyper of dogs. (I’m looking at you, Lady! 😂) WHY WE LOVE IT: Adjustable weight from 1 to 18 pounds Great for playing tug-o-war Perfect for dogs over 40 pounds BUY HERE, $29.99 Best for dogs who love to fetch BIONIC BALL My dog Lady used to fetch just fine, except halfway during her run back to me she’d think about it and decide to stop and plop right down on the grass and destroy whatever it was that I was eagerly waiting for her to bring back. Many dead frisbees and tennis balls later, I came across the Bionic Ball. This rubber ball is great for smart dogs who like to predict where the ball is going to land, because you can bounce it a certain way that makes it impossible to know where it’ll head to next. WHY WE LOVE IT: Floats in water Can be stuffed with peanut butter Fits most chucking/throwing toys BUY HERE, $4.15-12.23 Best for independent dogs: THE VARSITY BALL This toy is 110% guaranteed indestructible by the folks who make it, which frankly makes me want to scream CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. It is purportedly the world’s toughest, toughest dog toy, and even tigers couldn’t bite through it. Its design makes it easy for doggos to use it by themselves, which makes my lazy behind even more willing to throw down money for this. It is a bit on the expensive side, but this is definitely a Buy It For Life item. WHY WE LOVE IT: Designed for human-free use Used by canine athletes and working dogs Made 100% in the USA BUY IT HERE, $80.99 Best for brainy dogs: PIMM’S PENCIL AND BULLY STICK BUNDLE I’m partial to a good toy that doubles as a conversation starter, and this one is all of those things. Made of 100% rubber, this pencil features an eraser that twists to separate from the hollow pencil, so you can stick a pizzle inside and let your dog have ultra bouncy fun trying to get it out. And the entire thing comes as a bundle for max savings! WHY WE LOVE IT: Pencil is 100% durable rubber Made in the USA Tough and tasty 9-inch steer stick BUY HERE, $16 Want to satisfy your mega-chewer even further? Check out 6 Of The Longest-Lasting Chews For Dogs Who Could Probably Chew Through Drywall.

Hope Bobbitt

4 years ago

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