8 Toys And Treats For Dogs Who Must Destroy!

For pups who literally love their toys to death, you can find the perfect gifts for Destroyer pups at! (And during the 12 Days Of Dogsmas, you get a FREE GIFT with purchase!) 1. Snowman Destroyer Bundle For when your dog wants to build a snowman... out of the fluff of their vanquished enemies! dest 2. Destroyer’s Club Holiday Feast Bundle When your dog’s hunger for trouble reaches Level Five (the highest level!), the Destroyer’s Club Holiday Feast Bundle rises to the test. bun 3. Destroyer's Club Winter Shredder Bundle Are “vanquished enemies” at the top of your pup’s holiday wish list? This wintry Destroyers Club Bundle is for Shredders, pups who live to rip and tear apart fabric toys. shred 4. Monty the Moose Dog Toy Start playtime with Monty the Moose, and let your wild fur-child channel his inner wolf. monte 5. Stella the Snow Bunny Stella is ready for whatever twists and turns the mountain, or playtime, may bring. barkshop 12 days of dogmas products 6. Yuletide Log This plush Yuletide Log dog toy makes any game feel festive. Playing fetch? You’ll be retrieving Christmas cheer. In a tug-o-war showdown? It’ll be a merry throwdown! barkshop 12 days of dogmas products 7. Queen Bee's Hive Introduce your dog to real royalty with our Queen Bee’s Hive. Featuring a squeaky Queen Bee and two worker bees inside a big fuzzy hive, it’s the honeypot your dog deserves. bee 8. Jingle All The Play Rope Toy The bells are strung on rope braided from t-shirt material, making it soft AND tough. Oh what fun it is to hide for your dog to find and play! ros Check out the 12 Days of Dogsmas song that inspired the collection! Don't furget, during the 12 Days Of Dogsmas, you get a FREE GIFT with purchase!

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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