9 Toys And Treats For The Dweeby Dog In Your Family

Gizzy is a member of the rare breed known as "Nerd." Sometimes also referred to as "Geek," dogs like Gizzy are known for their high intelligence and problem-solving skills. For dogs with a brain like Gizzy's, you can find the perfect gifts at! (And during the 12 Days Of Dogsmas, you get a FREE GIFT with purchase!) 1. Treat Chaser Puzzle Give your clever pup some food for thought. chase Give your clever pup some food for thought with this Star Spinner. 2. Star Spinner Puzzle puzz 3. Odin + Pocket Trainer Treats A couple of our favorites for a special-combo price! gus 4. Mazee + Duck & Pomegranate Treats Bundle This special combo pack provides the tastiest treat of all: Intellectual Achievement. britta 5. Busy Buddy This super-tough and bouncy rubber ball has a durable nylon bone through the middle and includes 4 chicken rings to add excitement to playtime. busy 6. Pimm’s Pencil + Bully Stick Bundle You can twist to unlock and separate the eraser, allowing you to stuff the pencil with a steer stick! wal 7. Treat Maze It wobbles! It rocks! No, we’re not talking about Ozzy Osbourne. We’re talkin' about the Dog Treat Maze. brit 8. Cycle Dog Toy + Beef Treats Bundle These treats have only one ingredient: meat. Save the rabbit food for your salad tonight, and toss your mutt a Trail Buddy Treat. wall 9. GoofBall Will it bounce left? Will it bounce right? Is there meaning in the universe? lua Check out the 12 Days of Dogsmas song that inspired the collection! Don't furget, during the 12 Days Of Dogsmas, you get a FREE GIFT with purchase!

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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