The Ultimate List Of Coffee Table Books For Dog Lovers Everywhere

Coffee table books are the perfect accessory for any home; they entertain guests, stack nicely and are timeless. With something for everyone---from the laughter-seeker to the poet, from the history buff to the photography nerd---these books beg to be read over and over again. Pair any of them with a snuggly pup and a perfect, lazy afternoon is in store! 1. Dogs by Tim Flach This stunning collection of photographs explores the deep and complex bond between human's best friend. 91VUzxhw8JL 2. Dogshaming by Pascale Lemire A result of the infamous, this book contains never-before-seen pictures of the most shameful, laughter-inducing dogs.


3. Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel A stunning collection of portraits capturing the magnificent chaos of dogs beneath the surface.


4. Wedding Dogs: A Celebration of Holy Muttrimony by Katie Preston Toepfer What's cuter than a dog in a tuxedo? This book features 75 weddings with dogs playing various roles from maid of honor to ring bearer.


5. Paper Pups by Papermade This book will definitely add entertainment to any coffee table. With no scissors, glue or tape required, it's simple to create a masterpiece. Featring a wide variety of breeds from Chihuahuas to German Shepherds, it guarantees a perfect paper pup for all.


6. 100 Dogs that Changed Civilization by Sam Stall A compilation of the most influential dogs from from the first dog in space to a decorated war hero, this book contains stories of loyalty and bravery, innovation and inspiration.


7. Find Momo by Andrew Knapp This Instagram sensation is a whole new and spectacular take on Where's Waldo. Momo, a border collie, is a very talented hider. This cleverness, combined with stunning scenery, makes this book a must.


8. Boo: The Life of the World's Cutest Dog by J.H. Lee An insider's look into a day in the life of Boo, dubbed the cutest dog in the world.


9. Shake by Carli Davidson (And Shake: Puppies!) In 61 breathtaking portraits, photographer Carli Davidson captures dogs in a moment that is often overlooked---mid-shake. With eyes darting and fur shaking, these photographs are magical in the uniqueness.


10. If I Could Chew on This by Francesco Marciuliano

While it might not be a typical coffee table book, this collection of poetry written from the perspective of dogs contains such masterpieces as "Can You Smell That" and "I Lose My Mind When You Leave the House." Perfect for quick reads on the couch, these writings provide creative glimpses into the minds of pups.


11. Dogs in Cars by Lara Jo Regan

Nothing screams pure bliss better than a dog hanging out the window, tongue lolling and ears flapping freely in the wind.


12. Miracle Dogs: Rescue Stories by Lin Stavrinides With her camera in hand and a strong desire to chronicle the remarkable stories of rescue dogs (and their human saviors), Stavrinides traveled the country. The result is an uplifting book filled with compassionate rescuers and lovable dogs. 9781250045775 13. Breeds: A Canine Compendium by Fenella Smith and The Brothers McLeod This collection contains magical watercolor illustrations and witty descriptions of over 100 dog breeds. It's a charming artistic creation that is perfect for any dog lover's coffee table. breeds 14. Off the Leash: The Secret Life of Dogs by Rupert Fawcett These laugh-so-hard-your-stomach-hurts cartoons perfectly describe dog thoughts and dreams. off the leash 15. Naptime with Theo & Beau by Jessica Shyba While this is a children's book, keep it on the coffee table for all to enjoy. Through Shyba's blog, people fell head-over-heels in love with the heart-wrenchingly sweet napping duo of Theo and Beau. Now, bedtime (or anytime) can follow the story of the two boys as they head off to sleep. theo & beau 16. Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund by Ryan Beauchesne Crusoe's human, Beauchesne, has created a narrative of the Internet's favorite dog. Discover how Crusue handles the burden of fame---and the vet. Complete with hundreds of photos of this show-stopping pup, this book is a must for fans of Crusoe. crusoe 17. Menswear Dog by David Fung and Yena Kim This book brilliantly combines a handsome pooch with timeless fashion. In looks flawlessly modeled by Bodhi, the Shiba Inu, learn how to dress-up denim and how to rock a pea coat. menswear dog 18. The Dogist by Elias Weiss Friedman Photography books are made for coffee tables. This book is no exception. Prepare to be amazed at this photographer's talent at capturing the personalities of pups from NYC and around the world. dogist

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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