What Are Good Interactive Dog Toys?

Written by: Deanna deBara

December 13, 2018

There are plenty of criteria you want to keep in mind when shopping for dog toys. You want to buy toys that are engaging, that are going to keep your dog happy and entertained, and that aren’t going to be easily destroyed.

But something else you might want to consider? Whether a toy is interactive.

Interactive dog toys are any toys that are…well, interactive. They can be high-tech or classic, simple or complex, but as long as they encourage interactivity and connection? They’re a go.

Little Dog looking up at human

Let’s take a look at some good interactive dog toys that will provide your dog (and you!) with hours of enjoyment:

What Are Interactive Dog Toys?

Before we jump into the best interactive dog toys for your pup, let’s take a moment to define what an interactive dog toy actually is.

When most people hear the word “interactive,” they think high-tech. But a toy doesn’t need to have a bunch of bells, whistles, or battery power in order to be interactive. All it has to do is provide a high-level of engagement for your pup. So, there are plenty of more simple, classic toys that will do the trick.

Puzzle Toys

Australian Shepherd and dog puzzle toy barkbox barkshop

Arguably the best kind of interactive dog toy you can get for your dog? Puzzle Toys.

Puzzle Toys are incredible stimulating for your dog. Not only are they fun for your pup, but they provide multiple levels of engagement and interactivity; your dog has to figure out how to solve the puzzle, where the treats are hiding, and how to get to every last treat in the puzzle. This level of engagement can provide hours of fun for your pup—and makes for a great interactive dog toy.

When it comes to Puzzle Toys, there are tons of options. If your dog isn’t used to solving puzzles, you might want to start them off with something simple, like the Bacon Pawplexer. This will get them used to the concept and avoid any frustration or overwhelm. Once they get used to the idea, you can move on to something more complex, like the “Treat Maze” or the “Dog Casino Puzzle.”

Spiky Core Ball Toys

Lady Liberty Spiky Core BarkShop Barkbox

What do you get when you take a Plush Toy and make it interactive? A Spiky Core Ball Toy.

Spiky core ball toys (like “Mr. Chewniverse’s Muscles“) are like two toys wrapped up into one. Your dog has to figure out how to get through the plush toy to find the squeaky, spiky ball hidden inside. Similar to a Puzzle Toy, this will keep your dog entertained and engaged for hours at a time. (Not to mention you get two toys for the price of one—which is never a bad thing!)

Fetch Toys

Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier Fetch Toy Best Balls Ever BarkShop

Some toys aren’t inherently interactive—but when you play with them, they become interactive. That’s the deal with Fetch Toys. While a simple tennis ball, like the “Best Balls Ever,” aren’t interactive on their own, as soon as you take it in your hand and throw it to your pup? Voila—interactive.

Fetch Toys are a great option because the interactiveness doesn’t necessarily happen between your dog and the toy. It happens between your dog and you. And isn’t that the best kind of interactivity?

Keep Stocked With Interactive Toys With The Super Chewer BarkBox

Super Chewer BarkBox and person

If you want to keep your dog stocked with plenty of interactive toys to keep them engaged and entertained, the best way to do it? The Super Chewer BarkBox.

With the Super Chewer BarkBox, you’ll get a selection of two toys (including interactive ones), two bags of treats, and two chews delivered to your door each month. And because each box is tailored to your dog’s size and preference, you can rest assured that everything that gets delivered will be a huge hit with your pooch.

Written by: Deanna deBara

December 13, 2018