What Are The Best Toys For Border Collies?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 5, 2018

Featured image via @BorderNerd!

Border Collies are known as everyone’s best friend. These pups are full of both love and energy, so finding those perfect toys are a must. While it is a necessity, sometimes it might seem like a bit of challenge keeping them occupied.

That’s why our toy experts picked out some toys your Border Collies will go crazy for!

Thinker Toys

Pit Bull With BarkBox Casino Puzzle Toy

It’s no secret that Border Collie’s are smart. All smart pups need something to keep them going and use up some of that extra mental energy. Puzzle toys like the Dog Casino Puzzle provide just enough of a challenge for your smart dog.

If your furry genius is looking for something a little more low-key, then the Benebone Pawplexer is perfect for them. After a long day of play they can wind down with an easier puzzle and some yummy chews.


Barkshop best balls ever

A good game of fetch is perfect to burn off some of that extra energy. Whether you’re at the dog park or in your backyard this game is always the best route. The Best Balls Ever are perfect for any pup that enjoys chasing and squeaking.

Super Chewer Toys

Pit Bull with BarkBox Super Chewer Toy Cal the Caterpillar

While your pup might not be much of a destroyer, long lasting toys are definitely a necessity. Super Chewer toys like Cal the Catepillar can double both as a treat dispensing toy or for a fun game of fetch. What could your dog love more?

Tug Toys

If you’re looking for an extra game to play with your Border Collie, and why wouldn’t you be? Tug is the best route to go, not only does it provide a great arm workout but it can help burn off some extra energy indoors. Toys like Shredible Arrangements are squeaky and meant for tugging, the best combo.

Plush Toys

Sometimes classics are the best answer and plush toys are a favorite among the dog lovin’ land. Multi-part plush toys like Johnny Apple Squeaks are full of sounds and multiple pieces. Whether your Border Collie is just looking for some squeaking fun, a good game of fetch, or a little bit of a puzzle, multi-part plush toys are a great choice.


For a smart pup, variety is key. Save some time by not having to run to the pet store for new and interesting toys and get your Border Collie the best gift ever, a BarkBox subscription. Each month your pup will receive 2 toys, 2 bags of treats and a chew, plans start at $22/month (for 12 months). PLUS! Sign up here and receive a free extra toy every month. <– This deal is worth up to $120 in value if you sign up for a 12-month subscription! 🙂

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 5, 2018

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.