What Are The Best Toys For Small Dogs?

Written by: Casey Estorque

November 6, 2018

If you’re the proud parent of a pint-sized pooch, you know good things come in small packages. Tiny dogs are often packed with huge personalities. Thus, they need toys that are just as fun and captivating as they are. Ideal toys for petite pups are sized to fit in tiny jowls, made for indoor use since most small dogs spend their time indoors, and are interactive to fulfill their needs for companionship and mental stimulation.

Here are the most fun-filled toys for your fun-sized dog:

Multipart Toys

Best Toys for Small Dogs

Sometimes finding fun and exciting toys small enough for your pup can seem a bit of a challenge. Multipart toys like the Pawtato Chips are perfect for your small pup. They can provide hours of fun with the multiple pieces and are perfect for hiding some extra treats.

Tug Toys

Best toys for small pups

A game of tug can be beneficial for all pups, not only does it keep them occupied but it burns off some extra energy. Picking the perfect tug of war toy can be a little difficult because often they feature heavy pieces. Stick to g toys similar to Lick the Chef Apron have smaller parts that make it easy for your small pup to grab onto and since the big piece is flat it will be easy for your pup to carry around.

Plush Toys

Best toys for small Dogs

While not all plush toys might be the perfect size for your small pup, there are so many options that will really get those tails waggin’. Toys like Chompin’ Charlie are the perfect size for tiny mouths and allow your dog to squeak and thrash to their hearts content. When searching for small toys, take advantage of the filters to sort out the right size.


Barkshop best balls ever

It’s no secret that Fetch is a dog’s favorite past time. Chasing around their favorite toy can provide endless amounts of fun and keep them occupied. Sometimes finding small enough balls can seem like a bit of task, but the small Best Balls Ever are tiny enough for your small furry family member.

Puzzle Toys

Best toys for small dogs

Is your pup super smart? Do they often have a hard time staying interested in squeaky toys that don’t cause any kind of reward? Puzzle toys are perfect for pup’s of all sizes, especially super small pups. Puzzle toys like the Dog Smart Puzzle do not require big paws to move the pieces, plus what dog doesn’t enjoy finding hidden treats?


If your small dog can’t seem to get enough of their toys, treats and chews then a BarkBox is the perfect option for them. The small dog BarkBox is tailored to fit all their snacking and playing desires. Plus the BARK happy team is always there to help if there is anything that doesn’t quite get that tail waggin’!

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Written by: Casey Estorque

November 6, 2018

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.