What Are The Most Durable Dog Toys?

Does your dog love to destroy toys, leaving you needing to replace them time after time? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with them! Many dogs interact with toys like they would if they were out hunting prey, so it’s understandable they’d want to annihilate them.

But not all toys are created equal. While some are made to withstand the most aggressive chewer or energetic tug-o-war player, some are…well, not. If you’re sick of throwing away flimsy toys that have been torn to shreds, read on to learn about about more durable options.

Super Chewer Toys

BarkShop has a ton of Super Chewer Toy options for your super chomping pup. Does your guy or girl like nylon toys like Benebones? Check out the wishbone-style Benebone, the BARK pretzel Benebone, the Benebone Dental Chew, or the Benebone Pawplexer (which even has a spot for holding treats) for a real chewing challenge.

Pit Bull with BarkBox Super Chewer Toy Cal the Caterpillar

Or maybe your pup prefers their durable toys to be made of rubber? If that’s the case, check out “Max the Marching Penguin” or “Cal the Caterpillar,” both of which have compartments for treats.

Tug Toys

Super durable Tug Toys do exist, they’re just a little harder to find.

Pit Bull with BarkBox Super Chewer Venus Fly Tug

For example, there’s the “Shuck ‘N Chuck Corn Cob,” the “Venus Fly Tug,” and “Grinch’s Contraptions,” all good for tugging and made with durable materials that’ll give your dog hours of play time.

Then there’s the Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball, which is not only a good Tug Toy, but also good for chewing and playing fetch.

Plush & Squeaker Toys

A great choice is the goDog Dragons Flat Plush Dog Toy that’s made with chew guard technology. This pierce-proof squeaker toy dragon is perfect for the super chewer. Dare your dog to try and get through this dragon’s deceivingly plush outer layer!

Consuela the Cactus Plush Toy BarkBox BarkShop

For the prickly dog or just a good pup who likes to get results from hours of chewing, try “Consuela The Cactus,” one of BARK’s top reviewed toys. Wrapped in two layers of fabric, your dog can rip off the smiley face to reveal a frowny face. It’s play-tested and pup-approved!

Fetch Toys

If your dog is eager to play fetch, try out the Kong Rubber Flyer dog toy frisbee that’s made of durable materials and helps clean your dog’s teeth and soothe gums. It’s available in red and black.

Orbee The Globe Ball BarkBox BarkShop Fetch Toy

Another good choice is the super-durable “Orbee Globe Ball” You can throw it for your dog and hide treats inside to make it even more enticing.

The Super Chewer BarkBox

Dog with Super Chewer Box

For more variety, try our Super Chewer BarkBox. This version of Barkbox comes with two tough toys, two full bags of treats, and two meaty chews. Trust us, your super-chewing pup will thank you!

Dr. Katy Nelson

3 years ago

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