What Comes In A BarkBox?

Written by: Paige Towers

January 24, 2019

Looking for a gift to blow your pup’s mind? Spoil them with a BarkBox! Every month, receive two original toys designed in-house, two full bags of all-natural treats, and a savory chew. Sign up here to get a $5 FIRST BOX with any multi-month subscription! 

Dogs are so much more than “pets,” don’t you think? They’re family in every sense of the word, and that means loving and caring for them like any human family member. For us, it also means going beyond the ordinary dog–human interaction and inserting yourself into spaces we’re learning to explore on a deeper level.

Whether it’s finding your sea legs on a pirate’s ship or navigating the tombs of ancient Egypt, BarkBox creates two experiences that work in tandem: one for you, and one for your dog, both telling a single story.

Curious to see what’s inside? Let’s unbox it together!

What IS BarkBox?

On the surface, BarkBox is a monthly delivery of two engaging toys designed in-house, two full-size bags of treats, and a beg-worthy chew.

When we talk about what BarkBox is that others are not, it comes down to the those tandem experiences and the heart and effort we put into producing them.


Each month, BarkBox introduces a new and unique theme within which that ever-important story lives. Dogs have embarked on adventures with dinosaurs in “Chewrassic Bark,”

sailed with swash-buckling pirates in “BarkBeard’s Treasure: A Pirate’s Tail,”

befriended smiling cats in “A Lick In Wonderland,”

and battled terrifying sea monsters in “Vikings of Valhowla!”

The toys, treat bags, paper insert, and sometimes even the squeakers and the box itself remain on-theme. (Our designers are evil geniuses when it comes to hiding little Easter eggs and surprising you—and your dog—at every turn.)


We obsessively create every single toy (about twenty original toys per month), from the variety of materials used, to the hidden surprises inside, including crinkle paper, tube squeakers, spiky balls, and the much-loved bonus toys.

Here’s a shot of designer Julia Karraker working on the graphics for the “Secrets of the Rainfurrest” BarkBox:

Join the Extra Toy Club at an additional $9 for an extra premium (a.k.a. ridiculously cool) toy each month! Previous toys include “Releash The Kraken,” which contained a tiny viking toy sewn inside for your dog to free, the color-changing “Karla The Chameleon,” and our biggest extra toy ever, “SQUIRRELZILLA.”

Here’s a peek into the detail you can expect to find in a BarkBox:

This is “Doug The Ugly Slug” from the “Secrets Of The Rainfurrest” box. We designed him and his fly lunch with long pile fuzz, dimpled fabric, soft plush, crinkle paper, a ball squeaker, and t-shirt rope!

This multi-part toy created even more ways for dogs to play, and Doug’s wide mouth made the perfect space to stash treats for an added challenge.

The “Roly Cannoli” featured in the “Bark Slope Street Fair” box joins one of many two-faced toys that dogs need to unwrap and reveal. It’s stuffed with fluff and a squeaky spiky tube, all wrapped in fuzzy cannoli cream and a crinkle paper shell.

“Consuela The Cactus” first appeared in “The Good, The Bad, & The Pugly” box with other western-themed toys, but we didn’t tell any of our subscribers her deepest secret.

Once dogs managed to rip away her top layer, pups and their people were delighted to find another, sadder cactus inside. Sad “Consuela” contained yet another surprise in the form of the famous spiky ball—and thus began the reign of the Rip-N-Reveal toy!

Future boxes contained double-layered favorites like “Monsieur Acorn” and his disgruntled spiky ball nut, and “Penny The Pineapple” with her bashful core.

Some of these playthings never even make it to the dogs when their people decide they’re too cute to surrender! One of our subscribers even had the “Ernesto The Fish Taco” toy tattooed on her arm.


We create every full-size bag of treats with love, sans corn, wheat, or soy. 2018’s “The Grinch” BarkBox included delicacies like “Merry Turkey Or Whatever” with real turkey liver, and “Stink Steak Stunk,” featuring single-ingredient freeze-dried beef lung.

The “Snuggles, Pups, & Hygge” BarkBox included high-quality treats like “Bjorn’s Bacon & Goat Cheese Bites” and “Anya’s Lamb Yummies.”


Every chew that ends up in a BarkBox arrives from the highest-quality partners. From crunchy duck chews to beef tracheas and lung, there’s a snack to suit any preference or dietary restriction.


We don’t want your dog to miss out on any part of their BarkBox simply because their tummies can’t tolerate it.

Allergies to chicken, beef, and turkey are completely customizable, and our BarkBox Happy Team can take care of any other intolerances or picky-eater preferences with just a quick chat.

Is It Worth It?

You tell us! The value of a Classic BarkBox comes in around $40, though a subscription starts at $22/month with free shipping within the contiguous 48 states.

Is your dog more of a toy fiend and less of a treat-eater? Or maybe you don’t expect them to eat through two bags of treats each month and would prefer an extra chew or toy instead.

We want you both to be happy, and will do anything to make that happen. If our traditional ratio of two toys, two treats, and a chew doesn’t work for you, tell us what does! Customization is the name of the game.

How Does It Work?

Step One: Choose your subscription! Starting at $22/month, choose a 12-month, 6-month, or monthly subscription of canine joy valued at $40 per box. You can even gift a single box to a friend.

Step Two: Your first box ships immediately with subsequent boxes shipping on the 15th of every month. Keep your eye out for the mailman!

Step Three: Get wagging. You’re about to celebrate #BarkBoxDay with the best of ‘em!

After all that, do you want to give BarkBox a go? Each month, receive two original toys designed in-house, two full bags of all-natural treats, and a savory chew. Sign up here for a $5 FIRST BOX with any multi-month subsctiption! 

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Written by: Paige Towers

January 24, 2019

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.