What Comes In a Super Chewer BarkBox?

Dogs are energetic and curious creatures—they love to explore and interact with the world. A lot of the time, that means chewing! And if you’re like me, someone with a full-time job and a dog who’s a serious chewer, you may find yourself having to return to the pet store over and over again to replace your dog’s toys. What’s more frustrating than buying new dogs toys only to have them shredded in mere minutes by your intense chewer?

Well, I’ve got great news for people looking for a solution to their canine pal’s chewing habits. It’s called the Super Chewer BarkBox.

What is a Super Chewer BarkBox?

Super Chewer is a monthly subscription box for dogs who chew. Each month, Super Chewer delivers 2 durable toys, 2 full bags of treats, and 2 meaty chews to your door for you and your pup.

I’ve heard of dog toy subscription boxes before. What makes this one so different?

While there may be other options out there, I haven’t found a subscription box that delivers the same level of quality and value as Super Chewer. For starters, everything that comes in a Super Chewer box is designed by the company’s in-house team of industrial toy designers in NYC. Plus, the treats are made in the USA & Canada with domestic and imported ingredients. These high-quality products—the 2 toys, the 2 treats, and the 2 chews—total $45+ in value. But if you sign up for a subscription with Super Chewer, you can pay as little as $29 per box. And you get free shipping in the contiguous United States!

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What Can I Expect In Each Super Chewer Delivery?

The folks at Super Chewer say that they make “Toys Designed by Dog People for Dog People.” And I have to tell you, based on my dog’s reaction to getting her Super Chewer box every month, they’re definitely telling the truth! These toys aren’t just hunks of rubber, they’re exciting and memorable experiences for you and your dog. Super Chewer’s treat lock systems and puzzle toys keep your dog engaged, and others, like their ball-flinging fetch toy, get you involved in the fun, too! And speaking of fun, each month’s box has a theme like the “Knights of the Hound Table” or “Age of Furaoh.”

What’s a “Fluff-Free Guarantee?”

With Super Chewer, I don’t have to worry about my dog ingesting anything hazardous. That’s because Super Chewer *never* sends my dog any toy filled with fluff. They only use the most durable materials, like all-natural rubber and ultra-durable nylon.

So How Does It Work?

Step 1: Subscribe! Subscribe for as low as $29/box. And if your pup has allergies or any other custom request, the company will make sure that the treats and chews in your pup’s box get along fabulously with their tummies.

Step 2: Your First Box Is Sent Immediately. Monthly themed boxes ship on the 15th of every month. And remember, shipping is free in the contiguous U.S.

Step 3: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If a toy isn’t tough enough, Super Chewer will replace it for FREE. Any time, no questions asked.

Things have been so easy for my pup and I ever since we signed up for the monthly Super Chewer subscription. I don’t have to worry about repeated trips to pet store and my pup gets her paws on the best toys and treats in the world!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Super Chewer today.

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Hope Bobbitt

3 years ago

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