What Comes In A BarkBox?

Written by: Paige Towers

October 31, 2018

Before signing up for a monthly subscription for BarkBox, most people want to know what comes in each dog-friendly delivery, and if it’s worth it. The short answers are “awesome stuff!” and “yes!” Still, let’s break down what will arrive on your doorstep after you order a BarkBox for your special canine family member(s).

The BarkBox Basics

Included within each box is an array of unique and first-rate toys, treats, and chews that all have a fun monthly theme. Examples include New York City and Chewrassic Bark (a box 45 million dog years in the making).

What comes in a new york city themed barkbox

Though you can always customize or add to your BarkBox, a classic box contains:

  • 2 tough but oh-so-cute toys
  • 2 large bags of treats
  • 1 long-lasting chew

If you’re worried about your Miniature Pinscher receiving a bully stick big enough for a Great Pyrenees, fear not! When you sign up, BarkBox will ask about the approximate sizes of the members of your pack. Each item included is tailored to your best friend’s specific needs, whether they’re small, medium, or on the larger side. From lap sitters to gentle giants, no dog will be disappointed!

Where And How Are BarkBox Treats & Toys Made?

Everything that comes to your door will have undergone a rigorous and research-heavy selection process. BarkBox only collaborates with American and Canadian vendors that use fresh, top-quality ingredients in their treats. Their NYC-based team designs most of their toys in-house, and they make sure that each item has the stamp of approval from their (very lucky) office dogs. Plus, if your pup ever makes a “meh” face at one of the treats, toys, or chews, the Bark team will happily send a replacement.

While all of the items included in BarkBox are wheat, corn, soy, and chemical-free, Bark can also accommodate allergies or aversions to other ingredients, such as beef, chicken, or turkey. Just let them know when you sign up, or write them a separate message.

What If My Dog Is A Super Chewer?

Pit Bull With Super Chewer BarkBox

Don’t worry! If your extra-determined pup gnaws on toys and chews with a bit more gusto than the average guy or girl, BARK has you covered. Simply select the “Super Chewer” option in order to receive products designed for the strongest of chompers.

How Much Does BarkBox Cost?

It depends! If you buy just one month of BarkBox, the price is $29. Select the 6-month plan and it’s $25. Select the 12-month plan and it’s just $21. Regardless of your selection, you’re getting a great deal. If you were to buy each toy, chew, and bag of treats separately, the price would be well over $29.

When Will BarkBox Arrive?

BarkBox ships on the 15th of every month with an estimated delivery of 2-8 business days in the U.S. and 4-12 business days in Canada, eh. If you place your order for your first month’s subscription before the 28th, your BarkBox will ship that same month.

Every time a box arrives, your best friend will be treated to a combination of brand-new products. So after the mail carrier has come and gone, all you have to do is open the box (if your pup hasn’t ripped it open already), read through the enjoyable descriptions of each product, and watch the butt wiggling and tail wagging ensue.

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Written by: Paige Towers

October 31, 2018

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.