Is Super Chewer Worth It? What To Expect & How It Works

Written by: Stacie Grissom

March 21, 2022

Dogs are energetic and curious creatures—they love to explore and interact with the world. A lot of the time, that means chewing! And if you’re like me, someone with a full-time job and a dog who’s a serious chewer, you may find yourself having to return to the pet store over and over again to replace your dog’s toys. What’s more frustrating than buying new dogs toys only to have them shredded in mere minutes by your intense chewer? That’s why we created Super Chewer.

This is what a normal meeting with my dog Pimm looks like:

pimm, a super chewer

Because there are many, MANY dogs out there with Pimm’s skills of complete toy annihilation, we designed a box for dogs who just won’t quit.

What Comes In A Super Chewer Box?

Super Chewer is a monthly subscription box for dogs who chew. Each month, Super Chewer delivers a themed box of 2 durable fluff-free toys, 2 full-size bags of treats, and 2 meaty chews.

I’ve Heard Of Dog Toy Subscription Boxes Before. What Makes This One So Different?

While there may be other options out there, I haven’t found a subscription box that delivers the same level of quality and value as Super Chewer. For starters, everything in a Super Chewer box is designed by the company’s in-house team of industrial toy designers in NYC. Plus, the treats are made in the USA & Canada with domestic and imported ingredients.

100% Happy Guarantee

If a toy isn’t tough enough, we’ll replace it, 100% free of charge. No proof needed. No time limits. No questions asked.

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What Can I Expect In Each Super Chewer Delivery?

Toys designed by dog people, for dog people.

Every Super Chewer toy is designed by our in-house NYC team of dog-crazy industrial designers. They obsess over listening to feedback from Super Chewer parents, and work to make our toys as fun as possible. We know it’s no fun just tossing your dog a hunk of rubber, so we strive to create toys that also make memories.

Parents with Super Chewer dogs have an additional layer of challenges when it comes to finding toys for their dogs. We really want to help relieve anxiety and home destruction for dogs with our designs, as well as provide a great value for your money!

Katie Lim, Super Chewer Toy Designer
super chewer toy designer
Katie designing at her desk.

Everything Tested And Approved By Our Dogs

We would never give your dog something that our own dogs haven’t approved with two paws up. For example, my dog Pimm tests many of the toys for our designers. One of my favorite toys Pimm tested from our “Secrets of the Rainfurrest” box is “Ilana the Iguana.” I still have the test version of Ilana over 6 months later, and Pimm still plays with her!

Picture of illana the iguana toy and the test version

A Fluff-Free Guarantee

We will never send your dog any toy filled with fluff. We only use the most durable materials, like all-natural rubber and ultra-durable nylon. For example, the parrot hard core toy from our pirate-themed Super Chewer box had a plush outer skin and a durable rubber skeleton inside. Two toys in one!

A sketch and final toy design from super chewer

So How Does It Work?

After we get some important info to learn about your dog, you will:

  • Choose your subscription length (starts at $30/box for a 12-month plan, over a $45 value!).
  • Your first box ships immediately, and you wait impatiently by the window for the mailman to arrive.
  • A phenomenon known as “cardboard confusion” may occur, in which your dog assumes every box that arrives is actually for them—a common side effect of Super Chewer joy.

When you sign up for your first Super Chewer box, we collect some basic info about your dog to make sure their box is built JUST for them. First, you give us your pup’s name, birthday (for special surprises), any food allergies, and which size toys they prefer. We do the rest!

What If My Dog Has Allergies?

We want to make sure the treats and chews in your pup’s box get along fabulously with their tummies. Any allergies to chicken, beef, or turkey are totally customizable! And if your dog has any other dietary restrictions (or picky-eater preferences!) a quick chat with the BARK Happy Team is all it takes to make their dreams come true.

Super Chewer Toys

In addition to being some of the coolest, most creative people, the Super Chewer toy designers are so in tune with their inner canine, it’s borderline weird. They help produce around 20+ original toys each month to suit every exciting Super Chewer theme. Think drool-worthy bakery desserts, colorful jungle creatures, and medieval dragons), all with a bevy of engaging features, materials, and surprises.

dragon toy from super chewer

Karma destroyed any and every toy we ever purchased anywhere else, but Super Chewer toys have been durable, easy to clean and consistently stimulating. She gets so excited every month when her box comes! The treats are great quality and always a favorite. I’m so glad they send small ones that can be used easily in the dispensing toys.

– Audrey of Largo, FL

If your dog falls in love with a particular plaything, go ahead and hunt it down to reorder on!

Toy Design Details

Our toy material medley supports eager chompers and still fosters a healthy amount of creativity. Super Chewer toys include a variety of textured fabrics for rip-able hard core toys, durable nylon, bouncy rubber, tasty food-inspired scents, and tough ballistic nylon straps, to name a few. Not to mention the play possibilities, like nooks and crannies for peanut butter, hollow treat-dispensing insides, and good ol’ squeakers so dogs can still get all the joy out of playtime—it just lasts a little longer.

For example, the “Slingin’ Air Rose” features a rubber rose ball that will fly off the nylon stem when you hurl it across the yard. The hardcore “Shred Velvet Cake” has a fuzzy plush wrap designed to be torn away to reveal a squeaky rubber stack of pancakes inside.

How Much Is Super Chewer?

The longer the subscription length, the less each month costs. Pricing starts at $30/month for 12 months not including upgrades, with 6-month and monthly options available as well.

Get DOUBLE the stuff in your first box for FREE!

subscriptions options fro super chewer

We value each box at around $45. Let’s unpack the “Barkfest In Bed” theme as an example of what Super Chewer boxers are made of:

This food-filled box featured toys like the “Gripfruit” and “Orange Crush.” The former is a tough rubber grapefruit with deep crevices for treats. It’s also perfect for adding spreadable treats like peanut butter or plain greek yogurt and popping in the freezer! Plus, it’s dishwasher safe since no one likes cleaning up after breakfast.

The “Orange Crush” is one of our trademark hard core toys. Its outer “peel” tears away to reveal a vanilla-scented orange core just begging to be fetched. Other toys, like the “Egg Over Hard” and “Tough Break Bacon” are designed for serious chewing, with scents like bacon (of course) and cheese.

pumpkin shaped dog toy

What Is The Extra Toy Club?

Add an extra, premium toy to your pup’s box for an additional $7/month or $9 for a one-time add. This is a great option for triple-dog households or single/double-dog homes with super spoiled puppers.

What Is Double Deluxe?

Every month, you have the option to double your box to receive a total of 12 items, including:

  • 2 additional toys (4 total)
  • 2 additional bags of treats (4 total)
  • 2 additional chews (4 total)

Get Double Deluxe boxes monthly for a recurring $17 extra per month, or just once for $22.

After all that, do you want to give Super Chewer a go? Each month, get 2 fluff-free toys, 2 full bags of all-natural treats, 2 savory chews, and a whole lotta fun. Get DOUBLE the stuff for FREE in your first box.

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Written by: Stacie Grissom

March 21, 2022

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.