Where Are KONG Dog Toys Sold?

Written by: Paige Towers

February 21, 2019

Famous for their uniquely-shaped red rubber classic toys, KONG now boasts a huge array of durable dog toys. From erratic bouncing rubber chew toys to tennis balls, frisbees, plush toys, rope toys and beyond, KONG likely has something that every pup will love. But where are the best places to buy KONG dog toys?

So Where Can I Buy KONG Dog Toys?

With products designed for the toughest of chewers, you can find KONG’s classic fillable chew toys in multiple locations. Unfortunately, no store carries KONG’s entire line of products though. While there is no guarantee about what they’ll have in stock, here are a number of places where you might find their most popular toys:


Puppy With Kong Dog Toy

Known for carrying everything from batteries and futons to ice cream and bananas, it’s no surprise that Walmart usually stocks a fair amount of dog food, accessories, treats and toys. They also carry the most popular KONG products, including the classic KONG toy that’s able to be filled with their spray can peanut butter product or other flavors or treats. Sizes run from extra small to extra-extra large, although only standard sizes may be carried in each location. Other products include their tough rubber tennis balls and frisbees, as well as squeaky plush toys.

Most likely, less popular products will need to be requested by phone or internet to the store, or ordered through Walmart for delivery. These products include puppy teething stick toys, “Tugga Wugga” rope toys, balls and other shapes that have an enticing crackling sound.


This big box pet store usually boasts a variety of KONG products. Beyond the classic durable chew toy that can be stuffed with treats or edible spray, PetSmart also stocks other toys intended for play. Products like squeaky tennis balls, plush toys and KONG “squeezz ball” dog toys are likely to be located at most locations. Yet, like Walmart, many of these toys will need to be preordered for pickup at a local store or ordered for shipping to your home.


Kong dog Toy

Yet another brick and mortar chain pet store, Petco, carries several types of KONG dog toys. Although no product is guaranteed to be at each location, Petco usually stocks the classic rubber toys and durable squeaky tennis balls. Other tough chew toys, such as KONG’s “Squeezz” ring dog toy and long scrunchy plush toys, can be found as well. Like other stores, Petco also sometimes carries KONG’s line of natural animal antlers, which make excellent long-lasting chews. While you can order a particular toy to your home, it’s also possible to pick products up in store for no additional charge.


With its wide selection of dogs toys from hundreds of manufacturers, Amazon, of course, also carries KONG’s most popular products. They also feature harder to find toys, such as KONG’s “Goodie 2 Bones” and “Jumbler Football” toys. A variety of squeaky and crackly plush toys are also available. Still, although Amazon might be the easiest way to order KONG toys, the selection varies similar to any other store.

Super Chewer Dog Toys

Pit Bull Chewing Corn Cob Toy BarkShop

While KONG toys have a reputation for their durability, other equal or better options are available. For instance, if your dog loves a classic KONG, they’ll love Super Chewer dog toys from BarkShop. These all natural toys are made from extremely all-natural durable rubber, as well as boast features such as squeakers and interesting shapes and textures. The best part? You won’t be driving around town searching for the product that best fits your pup’s needs. Bark’s Super Chewer toys also have a reputation for standing up to the jaws of the most vigorous of chewers.

Don’t Forget About The Super Chewer BarkBox!

Super Chewer BarkBox

In order to make life even easier, consider signing up for the Super Chewer Bark Box. Starting at only $22 a month, a box filled with tough chew toys will arrive at your doorstep. There’s no need to deal with shipping fees or pre-ordering pick up. Just sit back and enjoy watching your little monster enjoy his new favorite toys.

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Written by: Paige Towers

February 21, 2019

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