11 Dog Breeds So Fashionable They Belong On The Catwalk

Written by: Zach Smith

September 13, 2015

The age of the French Bulldog is over. These ubiquitous little gremlins have dominated the scene for years, and rightfully so – apartment-friendly, airplane-friendly, Gucci-friendly, the clutch-size mongrel is pretty much the perfect accessory. But all that is over now. The market has been flooded. Armies of Frenchies walk the streets, wheezing their way through brunches, shopping expeditions and engagement announcement videos. But here’s the good news: You are now allowed to have other types of dogs and still be en vogue. But not just ANY dog. Here are 11 breeds that make the grade.

1. Vizsla

These burnt orange hounds look somehow all-American and Euro all at once, as at home on the beaches of Lake Tahoe as on the streets of Copenhagen. It is no wonder they are the dog of choice for J. Crew menswear director Frank Muytjens, seen below with his Vizsla Dutch.


2. Irish Wolfhound

While the tall, skinny Wolfhound looks a bit like it galloped straight out of Hell, it is in fact a sweet, good-natured period-piece of a dog who is perfectly at home astride a three-piece suit.


3. Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is the kid in high school who is the quarterback of the football team, the drummer in the band, surprisingly good at Spanish, AND a really nice guy. In human form, you hate him. In dog form, you’re able to absorb his coolness and pass it off as your own. 


4. Mini Australian Shepherd

Blue-eyed, spotty and fluffy, the miniature version of the Australian Shepard is a bit like a West Elm pillow who came to life, jumped off the couch…and into your heart.


5. Miniature Bull Terrier

Wearing its distinctive snout and beady eyes with utter confidence, the Miniature Bull Terrier has a “Little Rascals in Germany” thing going on that earns it a lot of double takes at the dog park.

bull terrier

6. Italian Greyhound

Il piccolo Italian Greyhound, like so many of its lithe and undersized human counterparts, has that undeniable caught-in-the-headlights look that plays great on Instagram.

italian greyhound

7. Weimaraner

More like Wei-NOT-maraner, am I right?! These sleek beauties are perhaps best known as the chief subject of photographer William Wegman. Their pale, doleful stare will haunt your dreams – and your dinner parties.


8. Puli

Sort of the Cousin-It-Bob-Marley-weeping-willow of the dog world, the Puli makes an incomparable partner for whipping your hair/fur back and forth.


9. Great Dane

Like a furry mid-century credenza, this lumbering giant is a sophisticated addition to any tasteful living room.

great dane

10. Boston Terrier

A kind of elongated Frenchie, the neurotic, bug-eyed Boston Terrier is one of those dogs that people say has “spirit,” which really means that it’s a little annoying. But when their little legs starts scuttling across the sidewalk like a deer on an ice rink, you know you must have one.

boston terrier

11. Pit Bull

Adorable, adoptable, loving and needing your love. Sometimes what you’ve been looking for was right in front of you all along…


Honorable Mention: French Bulldog

Whatever. Sorry not sorry. Look at that face!

french bull dog

Featured photo source: @me_and_mythos

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Written by: Zach Smith

September 13, 2015


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