10 Dog Breeds You Can Kiss Because They’re Irish

1. The Irish Wolfhound


This multi-skilled pup has been viewed as a hunter and a warrior in the past, but looks more like a lover than a fighter to us!

2. The Irish Terrier


Known for their loyalty and determination, this breed is Irish to the core!

3. The Irish Red and White Setter


Considered a “gundog” in the UK, this pup can handle surprises with grace and aplomb. There’s no better combination of grace and guts. (And this dog is so Irish that the AKC didn’t recognize the breed until 2009!)


4. The Wheaten Terrier


A herding pup and livestock guard, this breed is known for being a competitive problem solver!

5. Glen of Imaal Terrier


Known for the dark highlights in their coat, this breed is known for being able to balance their high energy with the need to chill.

6. The Irish Water Spaniel


Considered a family dog due to the relationships it forms with children, this pup epitomizes Irish dignity.

7. Kerry Blue Terrier


Its origins have been traced to the Kerry mountains of Ireland, but some suspect there’s a little Portuguese Water Dog in their history somewhere!

8. The Irish Lurcher


Fiercely intelligent with keen eyesight, this pup was bred to hunt small game—which it probably had no troube catching! This pup is fast!

9. The Irish Toy Collie


This dog is so Irish it isn’t even recognized by the AKC!

10. The Irish Setter


This may just be the OG Irish breed, with documents recording it’s existence as far back as the sixteenth century! Irish AF!

H/t to Irish Central and the Irish Kennel Club

Featured image via @cortneyss /Instagram

Brandon Rhoads

6 years ago