New Study Finds Dog Parents Make The Internet A Cuter, Cuddlier Place!

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

January 10, 2017

You should be calling your mom. You should be doing your job. You should be doing something responsible! But what you’re really doing is sharing pictures of your dog on Facebook.


It’s totally cool, you’re not alone. In an online survey of over 1,000 Americans, we found that us folks who have dogs can’t resist that urge to share our love of our pups with the world!

Welcome to Part 2 of the BarkBox Dog People Study, the study that has revealed the true awesomeness of dog people!

Here are 8 facts about dog people’s fascinating internet habits!

1. We post about our dogs almost every… single… day.


On average, dog people post a picture or talk about their dog on social media six times per week. I guess we just take Sunday off!

2. We can’t live on our dog’s love alone.


American dog parents watch dog videos or look at other people’s dog photos three times per week, on average. Better delete that browser history before your pup logs on.

3. We understand that Noodle needs his likes and shares.


Understandably, 11% of dog people have created a Facebook page or Instagram account just for their pup. That’s right. Dog people’s pups have their very own networks! And if it weren’t for them, the internet wouldn’t be half as fun as it is.

4. Our dogs have a special place in our hearts, and our data plans.


Yup yup. 20% of the pictures dog people take on their phone are of their dog. That’s more pictures than they take on vacation (15%), of themselves (11%) or of food (6%)! Time to buy more cloud storage.

5. Pups are our pride and joy.


More than two in five dog people have made a photo of their pup the feature photo on their phone or computer desktop. Mover over S.O.!

6. When our pups are out of sight, they’re not out of mind.


Many dog people, as much as 14%, admit they have Skyped or FaceTimed with their pup while they were away.

7. We love to get digital with our doggies!


Millennials especially use modern technology to connect with their dog when away. Millennials are more likely than non-Millennials to watch their dog on a webcam (24% vs. 13%) or Skype or FaceTime their dog (23% vs. 8%). But notice that non-Millennials are guilty of it, too!

8. We’re always watching!


Just in case there’s no one home to hold the phone, 32% of dog parents have a household security camera almost primarily used to check on their dog.

So congratulations, dog people of America! Without your efforts the internet would not be as cute and cuddly as it is today!

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Written by: Brandon Rhoads

January 10, 2017

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