20 Snuggly Breeds That Just Want To Keep You Warm This Winter

I strongly believe that there is a dog for every person. My dog, Finch is perfect for me. He's moody, lazy, loves to eat and despises cold weather. He's my spirit animal. Luckily, there are plenty of dogs out there for all you crazy winter wonderland types. You know who you are: Your favorite article of clothing is your ski parka. You start stalking the weather channel for signs of the first snow fall in October. Hot chocolate is your go-to beverage. Finch and I may not understand you, but according to, there are 20 dog breeds that worship winter as much as you do. Akita These Japanese pups were bred to serve as cold-weather hunting companions. With a thick undercoat and tough outer coat, Akitas are the perfect dogs to enjoy the winter months with. 1516553_1683498601893996_2080857425_n(1) Alaskan Malamute These guys have Alaska right in their name so you know they love them some snow! Malamutes are sturdy and strong enough to pull a sled, and their gorgeous heavy coats keep them warm and cozy while they're doing it. 12407412_999460603459937_190275005_n(1) American Eskimo Dog You'd think the name would be a tip off, but American Eskimo Dogs are called this because of their white color. They have no affiliation with actual Eskimos and hail from Germany originally. They are built for harsh temperatures - their thick ears stay warm in cold weather and their ivory coats repel moisture. 12479465_1130555450295526_712685617_n(1) Anatolian Shepherd A large, low energy breed, the Anatolian Shepherd will not be pulling any snow sleds! However, he is big, rugged and agile -  a serious mountain dog. 917899_594252824046686_1906520075_n Bernese Mountain Dog From the cold mountains of Switzerland, these dogs are strong and sturdy enough to carry your gear as you trudge through the drifts...But they're not above letting you carry them once in a while! 1209601_882058988578095_1814114905_n(1) Chow Chow Chows are exceptionally loyal to their humans and make perfect cold weather companions with their short, thick ears and incredibly warm and wooly coats. 12407468_1724513221115870_1753071668_n(1) German Shepherd What aren't German Shepherds good at? Known for their herding and guarding skills, these dogs make great winter hiking partners. 924244_833976286711080_1566903650_n Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Weighing up to 140 pounds, these powerful pooches made superb draft dogs in chilly Switzerland. They were once known as "the poor man's horse"! 928459_770309949768556_921214231_n Great Pyrenees These French herding dogs have thick double coats and are rugged enough to guard livestock through the chilliest of winter nights. 1530691_930982410289506_332457813_n(1) Karakachan Bear Dog Also called the Bulgarian Shepherd, these thick coated bruisers love the cold so much they often prefer to remain outdoors all year, rather than seek shelter from the snow. 11312017_664657143634519_835960493_n Keeshond These cuties have a history as riverboat watch dogs in Holland. Their incredibly thick coats ensure that harsh, damp climates won't keep them from enjoying your favorite winter activities with you. 12446223_150039635367226_967266700_n(1) Kuvasz Prominent in Tibet, Turkey and Hungary, these massive snow-white dogs live to herd and make perfect mountain companions. 917915_1007106649350967_235352574_n(1) Newfoundland These gentle giants love swimming and hiking the snowy mountains almost as much as they love their families! 12383328_1054249117929174_649971330_n Norwegian Elkhound An ancient Scandinavian breed used to braving extreme temperatures, these dogs love to hike. 11247011_1793405964219091_2018716421_n(1) St. Bernard The portrait of snow search and rescue, these goofy giants are the heroes of  ski slopes all over the world. 1170061_796540773826023_810869663_n Samoyed Originating as sled dogs and reindeer herders in Siberia has made Samoyeds the go-to dog for winter fun. 12362136_1141641689181389_261352721_n Shiba Inu When Shibas aren't busy making nerdy internet memes, they love romping and "swimming" in the snow. 12424517_1029402137098337_1109598953_n(1) Siberian Husky When you imagine a winter-loving dog, the Siberian Husky probably springs to mind. They tolerate arctic temperatures to work as sled dogs and have lustrous, thick coats. 1599828_1673065116311424_856496857_n(1) Tibetan Mastiff These dogs are versatile enough to enjoy cold and warm weather activities. Brown colored Tibetan Mastiffs have been mistaken for lion cubs thanks to their thick mane of neck hair. 12501994_437834936414903_1703906496_n(1) Tibetan Terrier These cute, intelligent dogs could go for a lazy day on the couch or a vigorous romp through the snow - they just like being with their humans! Their broad, flat feet act as natural snowshoes, ensuring they can keep up on a snowy hike. 10954696_1545955782394853_1815713997_n(1)

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Dina Fantegrossi

6 years ago

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