Couple Recreate Iconic Romantic Scene From “101 Dalmatians” For Engagement Shoot

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

September 17, 2015

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If you’ve ever seen the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians, you can easily recollect the iconic opening scene where lovebirds Roger and Anita first meet, pushed together by a twist of fate… and a tangled leash.

This ultimate tale of romance has tugged at countless heartstrings since 1961, but two fans in particular were so taken by the film that they used it as inspiration for their engagement photos.


The couple, identified by Cosmopolitan as Tony Collier and Corinne Jones, have both worked at Walt Disney World, so a Disney-themed engagement shoot really just makes sense. Plus, Corinne is the self-proclaimed “biggest 101 Dalmatians fan,” according to Bored Panda, and who wouldn’t want to include their dogs in their engagement photoshoot?

Neither of the two expected the photos to be received so well by the online community; since the photos were posted on Imgur just three days ago, they already have over 360,000 views.

“We knew some Disney fans would like our photos, but we were stunned to see just how many!,” Corinne said to Cosmo.

engagement photos dalmatians

The happy couple has set the date for June 10, 2016, so obviously the Internet is hoping for a Disney-themed wedding. Something with Lady and the Tramp, perhaps?

Go here to view all of the couple’s engagement photos taken by Melissa Biggerstaff.

101 Dalmatians photoshoot

H/T to Bored Panda

Featured image via Bored Panda

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

September 17, 2015