A Four-Year-Old Boy’s Allergies Left Him Housebound. Rather Than Be Heartbroken, He’s Training His St. Bernard Puppy.

As we all know, training a puppy can be hard work — especially when you’re only four years old. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, however, training a dog at home is easier than ever, even if you’re just a (human) puppy yourself.

Lincoln Ball, the youngest of Daniel and Tasha Ball’s four children, went viral online when a picture of him appeared on Facebook training his St. Bernard puppy, Bulzer. Rather than relaying the information from the video to his dog, Lincoln had the dog watch the video himself, eliminating the middle man.


“It’s not [Lincoln’s] sole responsibility for training the puppy, obviously, but we do want each of the kids to be involved with the puppy,” said proud dad Daniel.

“The older siblings were looking up things on YouTube and so Lincoln went and got his tablet and asked if he could go on Kids YouTube to look up puppy training videos. Then we just kind of looked over and he… started showing [the puppy] the video from his little tablet and my wife snapped the photo.”


According to Daniel, Lincoln wanted a puppy for awhile, but was only allowed to get one after being diagnosed with severe allergies to pollen that left him housebound during allergy season.

“He had been asking for a dog ever since he was really big enough to be able to talk,” said Daniel. “The allergy doctor kind of half-jokingly said, ‘Hey, you’re not allergic to puppies, but you are allergic to almost everything outside.’ Lincoln really took that as a positive because, hey, now I’m gonna be stuck inside and the doctor said I could have a puppy. So we got him the dog.”

So far, it appears that Lincoln’s training has been paying off for Bulzer, who already knows how to sit! Don’t let anyone tell you that the Internet can’t teach you anything — or that small

Featured image via Facebook/The Ball Brothers

H/T News Channel 9

Morgan Greenwald

6 years ago