11 Small Happinesses Only Dog People Truly Know

There are some things that only pup parents know. Seriously. Some joys, tiny feelings of happiness only people with pups can truly relish. Here are 11 of these small pleasures! 1. Waking up with someone who is super fecking excited for today! giphy-2 2. Watching your adopted pup grow from a pup who will eat anything as fast as possible into to a picky lil gal (seems like a bad thing - but feels good to know she isn't scared and hungry anymore). :) sp2 3. Seeing your pup make friends at the dog park, and feeling like it's your own personal accomplishment. sp4 4. Getting out of places early when you want (a.k.a a built-in excuse to leave lame social gatherings). :) walk-my-dog 5. When they lock eyes with you like they are talking to you with their eyes.
6. Inhaling that freshly groomed dog smell....
7. Their sleepy eyes when you turn on the lights and they were sound asleep, and suddenly are like, "Whaaaaaa....?"
8. When they groan because you shifted a little and interrupted their nap on your lap.
9. When you get home from a weekend out of town and they actually trip over their own feet trying to get to the door as fast as possible.
10. How in the midst of playing they stop and look back, just to check you're still there. HySCxMl 11. When you take shower they sit outside the bathroom to make sure you are ok. When you come out, they lick the water off your feet, as if to say, "There there, you will be dry in no time." sp11
Featured Image via @dingoaday

Lisa Bernier

7 years ago

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