11 Ways Fritz The Golden Retriever Lost At Catch And Won Our Hearts

One of the fun things to do with your dog is watching them catch things. Some dogs are naturals at using their mouths like baseball mitts, while others...not so much. Fritz the Golden Retriever is known for his inability to catch a single thing, but it's great watching him try. Here are 11 times he brought shame to all of his kind. This is the face of determination. Let's do this. FritzLickLips3 1. Keep Your Eye On The Rib Eye FritzSteak2 2. Come At Me Bro-ccoli FritzBroccoli2 3. Do YOU really do much better with sushi though?  FritzSushi2 4. Come on Fritz, drunk people would KILL for this. FritzPizza2 5. OH FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESY BITES FritzCheesyBites2 6. This is pretty much how I feel about the bouquet at weddings.  FritzTaco2 7. He wouldn't last a day at Chipawtle. FritzBurrito2 8. OK. REGROUP. Let's try some sausage.  FritzSmallSausage2 9. Nothing takes away your dognity like a wiener to the face.  FritzMediumSausage2 10. 3rd sausage is a charm. There's no way you can miss this it is literally the size of your tail. FritzGiantSausage2 11. FINALLY!! A FRENCH FRY. See, dreams DO come true in America. FritzFry2 What did we learn from this? Never give up. No matter how many foods hit you in the face.
Featured Image via Fritz Dog

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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