12 Ways Dogs Make The Best Wingmen

Written by: Benjamin Moore

March 5, 2015

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Dogs are pretty much the best at everything, so it probably goes without saying that they’re the best wingmen around.

Sure, human wingmen can talk, go inside business establishments, and pay their own way, but what dogs lack in vocabulary, legal rights, and bank accounts, they more than make up for with their never-ending devotion and adorable squishy faces (the latter of which can really help when it comes to attracting romantic interests).

Here are 12 ways that dogs are the best wingmen around.

1. Dogs are chick magnets.

Total Chick Magnet Pit Bull Dog

They’re basically babies but without any of the baggage.

2. Your human wingman might steal your lady (or fellow), but your canine wingman never will.

Adventure Time Jake and Finn Trust Pound

Apparently, dogs are quite loyal.

3. Having a dog means you’ll meet single ladies (or fellows) who have dogs, too.

Brady Dog Bunch

You’ll be like The Brady Bunch, but with dogs instead of really creepy kids.

4. Dogs teach you all the best kissing techniques.

I never truly understood what French kissing was until I adopted a Pit Bull.

5. And also the best humping techniques.

There’s a reason they call it “doggy style.”

6. Dogs are always happy to share ice cream with you if you’re having a bit of a dating slump.

Perhaps too happy?

7. Dogs never judge you for your terrible romantic decisions.

Disapproving Husky Dog Is Judging You

Not out loud, anyway.

8. Dogs keep you healthy and fit, which can sometimes be helpful for dating.

They say the average dog owner burns 100 calories a minute* chasing after his or her dog at the park (*figure not accurate).

9. Dogs teach you to have an open mind about romantic partners.

Dog Circle Sniff

No matter their breed, their size, their sex, their age, or their politics, all dogs like to sniff other dogs’ butts.

10. Dogs can ferret out the bad apples.

Dog Giving Girl Side-Eye

So you’re smart, you’re gorgeous, you’re funny, you’re really good with finances…but you’re not a dog person?? Well, I’m out then.

11. Dogs teach you how to be more attentive to other people’s needs.

Shaggy Dog Hugging Owner

My dogs see the dogtor more than I see the doctor.

12. And if someone breaks your heart, your dog will always be there to make it better.

Man’s best friend, indeed.

Featured image via Michelle Skimo/Reddit

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Written by: Benjamin Moore

March 5, 2015

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