12 Things You’ve Pulled Out Of Your Dog’s Butt

First of all, let me explain how this article came to be. Sometimes BarkPost makes poop jokes on our Instagram. Because,I mean, do we need a reason? Anyway, this one garnered a comment thread that was simply too good to ignore.
So, without further ado, I give you... 12 things you've pulled out of your dog's butt: 1. If this isn't a sign of true love, I don't know what is. Joyce (@okayjwu) told us
"At first Joey used to freak out that something was stuck in his butt. But now he just looks at me in that poop position and I...pull it out."
buttlist1 In a later, more descriptive comment:
"Most of the time it's actually my own hair and the poop that's stuck on it kind of just dangles but sometimes it's like rope from a toy he chewed up or something."
buttlistropetoy 2. This woman risked her life to help her dog poop better. She is a hero. Peanut's human wrote
"When the poop gets stuck halfway out because Peanut has ingested my hair and then I have to remove it on a busy street. That is devotion.
buttliststreet 3. You might want to get new laces after this. Tati wrote,
"I've [pulled] many poops strings, hairs, fabric, earplugs, grass,shoe strings + God knows what else out of my dogs butts…"
buttlistshoes 4. You know what they say, heavy chewers, heavy pooers. Ashley wrote
buttlisttoystuffing 5. "You mean you guys don't eat the bag when you go through the garbage? That's the best part!"-This dog Estrella wrote
"Plastic trash bag. I have no idea how she got to it. But it happened."
"I'M SORRY YOU HAD TO PULL A PLASTIC BAG OUT OF MY BUTT. PLEASE KNOW I APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH." buttlistplasticbag 6. Apparently this happens more frequently than we realized. Ayla's human wrote
"Usually it's my momma's hair."
buttlistmomshair 7. ....We'll allow it... @Kawinki25 wrote
"I once pulled something out of my cat's butt and it popped like a cork. So funny."
buttlistcatcork2 8. Hey, at least this dog recycles. Natasha wrote,
"I pulled a Safeway bag out of my dogs was partially could see the logo!"
buttlistsafeway 9. Probably best to keep Nana in the dark about this one... Emi has apparently pulled out
" grandma's sewing."
buttlistgrandmasewing 10. This dog wants to endorse his dad on LinkedIn for pulling poop out of his butt. Angelo wrote
"Ah yes, a typical day in our glamorous lives. I think Daddy was a professional shit and ass cleaner in a past life, he's so good at it."
buttlistdad 11. When things get a little too crazy at Mardi Paws... Justin wrote,
" a string of beads."
buttlistdogbeads 12. The secret's out, Victoria. Josh wrote,
"My girlfriend's purple thong. It's ok, we made the dog replace it."
buttlistunderwear Thanks a butt ton, everyone! And please, if you pull something, say something.

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Featured Image via AnActualCat/Imgur

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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