13 Pups Who Are Proudly Rocking Their Wheels Like TurboRoo

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 16, 2015

Remember the ultra-tiny teacup Chihuahua who sent AWWWWW!s to the very core of your being with just dos little legs and a makeshift wheelchair? Well, he’s still the most determined little nugget you’ve ever seen, with a charming personality to boot.

Check out this pack o’ pups showing off their wheels like Turboroo, who prove that their limitations won’t can’t stop them for a second:

1. This handsome Beagle dubbed Copper, whose sense of style is on POINT!

copper beagle

2. Charlie the Beagle, who manages to catch some ZZZs after rollin’ through the streets — that’s some serious leg power!

charlie beagle

3. Darla the Doxie, who can zoom around on 3-inch legs no matter what you say.

darla doxie

4. This Corgi named Cleo, who enjoys long walks on the beach.

cleo corgi

5. Gunner the Frenchie, who loves grassy back rubs.


6. Geoffy the scruffy Jack Russell, who likes early morning strolls.

geoffy jack russell

7. This diaper-clad Boston Terrier, who knows the best seats in the house don’t have to be for your butt.


8. This Shih Tzu, whose response to “Say cheese!” isn’t quite what you wanted.

gizmo shih tzu

9. This skyscraper Great Dane, who just found out why he always feels 10lbs heavier.

great dane

10. This Frenchie named Bleu, who always has her game face on.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.50.43 AM

11. This Pittie mix, who doesn’t stop movin’ till the sun goes down.


12. This determined Shiba named Jubei, who has always dreamed of running the Iditarod.


13. This adorably tiny fluff, who wants nothing more in the world than — STICKS! FETCH! PLAY!

tiny fluff USE

Featured image via @turboroo and @darlathedachshund

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 16, 2015