13 Smiling Pitties That Are Ecstatic This Town Lifted A Ban On Them

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

February 5, 2015

A small town in Kansas, Roeland Park recently lifted an age old ban on Pit Bulls in the city. While this decision may have made Roeland Park’s Pit Bull lovin’ residents extremely happy, the ones truly thrilled are the puptastic Pitties that finally feel like they are being heard.

1. This face of true happiness!

2. This Pittie who’s probably going to celebrate at a fancy restaurant.

3. This pup enjoying a solitary moment of jubilation.

4. This fuzzbutt who probably peed his pants with all the excitement he couldn’t contain.

5. This couple who quietly hugged it out when they heard the news. #OneSmallStep

6. This tail-wagger who believes America will stand up for him!

7. This four-legged bundle of cuddle all ready to pawty it up in honor of the ruling.

8. This excited pupper who can’t wait to tell all his other Pittie friends.

9. This derpy Pittie who decided to celebrate at the amusement park.

10. This pretty pooch rollin’ in the grass from sheer, uncontainable joy.

11. These two lovebirds who shared their happiness with a surprise smooch!

12. This blue-eyed dreamer who’s just soaking in this small moment of victory.

13. And this puppy, who is thrilled that his kind is finally having their voices heard!

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

February 5, 2015