Why Does My Dog Stare At Me? What Does It Mean?

Reviewed by Tasmai Uppin

March 12, 2019

I’ve always wondered what goes on in my dog Benji’s head when he gives me those long unblinking looks. Is he trying to communicate with me through thought waves? Is he telling me how much he loves me with his big brown eyes?

While staring into some dogs’ eyes can be interpreted as a provocation by the dog, there are many different things a dog might be trying to communicate to you with their stare, and we’re going to break them down for you right now.

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Staring At You Right Now

dog wants dinner illustration

1. Your dog wants food. This one is pretty obvious if your dog is staring at you around the time you normally feed them.

2. Your dog has to go to the bathroom.

3. Your dog wants some sort of attention. They could want a belly rub…

Or a car ride…

Or your dog just wants an epic game of fetch!

4. Your dog might be trying to read your face. A research team at Emory University set out to prove one way or another whether dogs recognize (and get excited about) human faces as a result of familiarity and not just the expectation of a reward. “For social animals,” the study reports, “faces are immensely important stimuli, carrying a wealth of information, such as identity, sex, age, emotions, and communicative intentions of other individuals.”

5. Your dog wants you to tell them what to do. If you often have little training sessions with your pup, they might be staring at you in anticipation of the next instruction!

6. They just like you. 🙂

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Reviewed by Tasmai Uppin

March 12, 2019

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