17 Pictures That Sum Up What It’s Like To Own A Dog

Dog ownership is a strange club to be in. Your house is guaranteed to always be a mess, you’ll never be able to eat a meal alone again, and you’ll always have two beady eyes staring at your backside every time you step out of the shower. But the bright side? None of that really mattered to us anyway.

1. “Yes, I am Dog. This is my creation.”

2. Another one bites the dust.

3. “You doin’ okay in here? Need anything? Toy? Chew? Poop bag?”

4. “I told you… I have no idea who got into the trash.”

5. “But my butt’s not on the couch!”

6. “Hai.”

7. “You do this weird.”

8. “Oh… you’re home early.”

9. “I noticed you haven’t touched that in 10 seconds.”


10. “Hurry up, Mom, My cheeks are killing me!”

11. “Meet our new dog! His name is Claritin.”

12. “Helping!”

13. “Oh my Paws… this is HEAVEN!”

14. “What do you mean I can’t come in?!”

15. “Before you go downstairs, just know I really love you…”

16. Before dog, after dog.

17. “Dropitdropitdropitdropitdropit…”pErZiLY

Featured image via Flickr/Bryce Bradford

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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