21 GIFs of Dogs Who Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed

Written by: Stacie Grissom

December 11, 2013

UGH. Mornings. It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining and there are teeny little songbirds flittering around your head when you wake up. There’s only one thing you *really* want… COFFEE.

Because of this, we created our very own BarkPost x Dave Coverly ceramic mugs collection! These tumbler travel coffee mugs are double wall ceramic material, with designs that have been hand-fired in a pottery kiln.


Pawfect morning doodles. : )

Now, unfortunately for our pups, they don’t get to wake up to a steaming pot of coffee goodness each morning. Below are some pups who look like they *really* need a cup o’ joe to get their day started.

21. Frank just doesn’t know how he’s going to get through his traffic meeting this morning.

blog-sleepyImage source.

20. Chester knows he’s going to be grumpy all day thanks to the rude way his roommate woke him up.

Cat-Bed-Sneak-Attack-on-DogImage source.

19. Jorge thinks he’ll just email in sick so he can stay under the covers all day.


18. Dinky falls asleep at the thought of the algebra homework he needs to do.

dog-oImage source.

17. Otis isn’t moving for anybody.

dog-sleeping-on-vent-its-hotImage source.

16. Josh thought about going to work, but heck. Bed sounds much better.

dog-yawning-oImage source.

15. Joey and Chuy accidentally took Benadryl instead of their multivitamin.

downloadImage source.

14. Mary wonders why she ever had these damn kids.

funny-gif-dog-quiet-kittens-jumpImage source.

13. Twinkie does NOT appreciate other species’ dander in his bed.

funny-gif-fighting-cat-dog-bedImage source.

12. Gulag never wants to pull an all-nighter for his English Bulldog Literature class ever again. Screw that Virginia Woof.

giphyImage source.

11. This meerkat says if you wake his dog blanket up, he’ll have no choice but to furiously gnaw on your pinky toes.

Meerkat-yawn-dogImage source.

10. Chuck forgot to tell his party guests that he suffers from social-induced narcolepsy.

narcoleptic-dog-oImage source.

9. Tonka wishes she would stop dreaming about finding the neighbor’s evil cat unprepared in an open meadow.

sleeping-dog-runningImage source.

8. Harrison wishes someone had closed the blinds…. but…zzzzzZZzz…

sleepy_luna1Image source.

7. Scout hates rhetorical questions, but pacifies the humans from time to time.

sleepy-dog-o (1)

6. Fiona wants to apawlogize for falling asleep during your long-winded story about the grandkids.

sleepy-dog-oImage source.

5. Tuba raises his paw to ask if he really has to go to puppy kindergarten today.

tumblr_m1qbz5HwKg1qbw75zo2_250Image source.

4. Betty says she’s going to stay in and watch Pawks and Recreation.

tumblr_m6t0hbBSMk1ry7wi4o1_500Image source.

3. Bowdoin is so zonked he’ll even let the cat snuggle him.

tumblr_mbts78zxzK1rexgvto1_500Image source.

2. Buzzy tries not to think of those Amex reports EVER because he… Yup. That.

cute-sleepy-pugImage source.

1. Chester thinks that “morning” should be spelled “mourning” due to the loss of his bed.

tumblr_mpo4kaIbIX1r1mr1po1_500Image source.

Want to make your morning empty of mourning? Go get yo’self a BarkPost mug!


Main image from here. : )

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Written by: Stacie Grissom

December 11, 2013

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