22 Clues Your Parents Might Love Your Dog More Than They Love You

Written by: Melina Giakas

June 14, 2015

Thinking your parents might like your dog more than you? Well, you’re probably right. Let’s face it – they’re always excited to see your parents and never complain about those embarrassing outfits and photos your mom breaks out every now and then. If you hadn’t realized it yet, you’re sure to have a little envy for the love those puppers get after reading through this list.

1. They greet the dog before saying hi to you.

hi dog new

2. Your dog gets organic dog food and you’re stuck eating cereal.

new p1

3. They tell you you’re sitting in your dog’s spot on the couch.

new couch

4. Your dog’s name is on everything at Grandma’s house.

new parent 12

5. They ask for the dog’s opinion before they ask for yours.

parent advice new

6. They’ve taken the dog to the beach more times than you’ve ever been.

news34 new

7. They ask you not to eat any of the rice and chicken they cooked for the dog.

new new dog parent 23

8. The dog has a better chance of being brought on the family vacation than you do.

newparent 3

9. The dog gets to ride in the car all the time but Dog forbid you ask to borrow it.

newparent 1

10. They leave the television on for your dog when they leave the house but turn off the lights in the room you’re sitting in to save energy.

dog tv new

11. Your dog’s photo is their cellphone background.

cell phone alt

12. And Facebook profile picture.

new facebook

13. Your Mom wears their initials instead of yours.

new parent 10 new

14. Your dog is forgiven for things like this while you’re in trouble for leaving out the milk.

new dog shaming

15. They read more dog training books than they ever did parenting ones.

new dog parent reading

16. Your dog has taken your place on the holiday card.

holiday card new

17. Those extras $20s your Dad used to slip you stopped coming – they now fund chew toys.

new chew toy

18. Your dog’s things take up more room than yours.

dog room new

19. When the dog barks they go running but when you’re yelling they tell you to wait a minute.


20. Your dog can do no wrong. Seriously, they can get away with things like this and somehow it’s fine.

parent 24 new

21. Your dog gets a birthday party while you just get a text.

new parent 22

22. Your parents posted more pictures of your dog’s graduation than your own.


Featured image via @karaatkins

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Written by: Melina Giakas

June 14, 2015

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