22 Awkward Moments Dogs Will Never Have To Experience

As an introvert with social anxiety, a huge portion of my mental energy throughout the day is dedicated to predicting & avoiding potential awkward moments, and then ruminating over past ones. I try and find healthy ways to cope, like projecting my perpetual fear of awkwardness into dog memes on @barkpost. Here are 24 of the most #PawkwardMoments you will find on our Instagram account. 1. WTF I thought we were a team?! pawkwardmomentssmalltalk 2. "So, about last night..."-Said no dog ever. pawkwardmomentsfriendzone 3. A perfect example of second-hand awkwardness. pawkwardmomentspickupline 4. "THANKS FOR BRINGING THAT UP MOM." pawkwardmomentsbathtub 5. Wut. pawkwardmomentslinkedin 6. If you can get through this one, your relationship is in great shape. pawkwardmomentstoiletclog 7. You wake up like: "Why did I do this to myself? Oh yeah, I had three glasses of merlot and thought I enjoyed forced human interaction." pawkwardmomentscatchingup 8. He is the bringer of pizza and breadsticks, after all. pawkwardmomentsdominos 10. Careers have been ruined over this one. pawkwardmomentsreplyall 11. This is why there should be warnings in movies. pawkwardmomentssexscene 12. There's no "right time" to tell someone they have a bat in the cave. If you see something, say something. pawkwardmomentsbooger 13. "Is this a butt dial? I hope it's a butt dial." pawkwardmomentswarningtext 14. "HELLO MR. ANDERSON IF YOU DON'T MIND I'M JUST GOING TO DIVE INTO THIS BUSH AND ESCAPE FOREVER THANKS BYE" 15. Do you ever try to think what life was like before cell phones? What did we do with our hands? pawkwardmomentstinderdate 16. Me, in any club. Because my idea of a "scene" is my couch and my dog. 17. THIS IS WORSE THAN "REPLY ALL". Seriously. OOF. pawkwardmomentsscreenshot 18. Assertiveness is hard, OK? pawkwardmomentsbrita 19. Shout out to everyone whose emotions are sealed in one of those pickle jars that you wrestle with for like 20 minutes and desperately want someone to help you open but you don't want to ask because you hate being vulnerable. I mean, what? 20. "Not cool, Ted. NOT COOL." pawkwardmomentshummus 21. What about "Sure! Do you want regular or soy milk?" makes you think you're still not in latte debt, Carl? pawkwardmomentscoffee 22. Expectation: Get business drunk and talk about best marketing practices. Reality: Avoids every conversation and looks at dogs on Instagram. Make sure to follow @barkpost on Instagram for more weirdness.
Featured image via @SadChihuahua

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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