24 Pooped Out Puppies Who Are So Cute It Hurts

Written by: Melina Giakas

November 24, 2014

There’s nothing worse than a Monday morning, except maybe a Tuesday morning… but don’t fret these adorable puppies are here to let you know you’re not alone and hopefully distract you from your misery 😉 #thestruggleisreal

1. Dreaming of bones…leave me be!

edited sleeping puppy 3Image via Sleeping Puppy on Tumblr

2.What is this alarm you speak of? Make it stop!

edited pinterest3 Image via Cottage Fence on Tumblr

3. No you shower first.

edited puppy 9Image via

4. More coffee pawlease!

edited photo 4Image via @simonthejackchi on Instagram

5. Call the pawfice I’m working from home.

edited photo 2Image via @a_chocolate_lab on Instagram

 6. Ugh, I am NOT a morning dog.

edited puppy sleeping 4Image via

 7. Just five more minutes Mom!

edited 7Image via

8. Don’t even think about walking me, I’ll pee here instead.

edited 34Image via

 9. Shhhhh, you’ll wake me up…

edited 23Image via @cutestaffys on Instagram

10. Breakfast in bed?

edited 30Image via

11. I woke up like this…

edited 15Image via @petiteschaussettes on Instagram

12. I swear to dog if you touch my blanket.

edited 32Image via

13. You have the worst morning breath.

edited 6Image via

14. It’s your turn to feed the cat.

edited sleepy dogImage via

15. Literally I cant even.

edited 21Image via @flurrypony_maltipoo on enjoygram

16. I don’t wake up until the sun does.

edited 31Image via Buzzfeed

17. Oh my dog, 6am should be illegal.

edited sleepy 3Image via

 18. I was trying to get out of bed but I got tired.

edited sleeping puppy 5Image via Sleeping Puppy on Tumblr

 19. Gawd dog it…

edited 3Image via @atticusthemaltipoo on Instagram

 20. Puppy? Nope, haven’t seen him anywhere…

edited pinterest4Image via Pinterest

21. Motherpuppin’ mornings…

edited sleeping puppy 2Image via Sleeping Puppy on Tumblr

 22. Move me and you’re a dead dog.

edited pinterst2Image via on Pinterest

23. Admitting defeat.

edited s24via

At least in the end it’s one day closer to Friday 😉 #pawtytime

edited weekend picImage via National Geographic

Feature image via @noahthemaltipoo on instagram



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Written by: Melina Giakas

November 24, 2014