25 Truths Only A Kennel Employee Can Relate To

When you work with animals in a kennel, you learn that no day is the same, yet every day you find something to laugh about. Of course, even though you have a lot of fun working with dogs, there's also a collection of things that can drive you nutty. Here are just a few things that anyone who worked in a kennel can relate to. 1. When you come home, you can't tell if you have mud or dog poop on your pants. Muddy 2. Your smell is so bad you can't make plans to go out to dinner after work. 3. You can't wear a skirt or shorts because your legs have bruises up and down your shins. 4. Dog hair is a constant part of your lunch. 5. You avoid wearing short sleeves because your arms look like you have been mauled by a tiger. Dog Scratches 6. You have discovered far too many versions of poop. 7. You greet dogs instead of their owners. 8. Your work clothes can not be used for anything besides painting. 9. Showering must happen before your spouse will greet you after work. 10. Your phone most likely was taken by a hungry puppy. Phone 11. You get the third degree from your dog when you come home. 12. You come home soaking wet and it's not from the rain. 13. When you go to another job you realize you miss the simple stress-free existence of picking up dog crap. 14. This is one job where you don't mind staying late. 15. You don't want to cuddle with a human because you've cuddled all day with puppies. And nothing beats puppy cuddles.  Cuddle 16. Holidays are just another day of work. 17. You can sling around a 40-pound bag of dog food like it's nothing. 18. You don't know what it's like to have a weekend off. 19. You tune out your spouse's voice because you're used to tuning out barking. uluckydogdenver 20. Snow means more work, not a day off. 21. You have some super-toned legs. 22. You realize your dog is actually normal. Crazy 23. Wild animals are feared less because you've already been challenged by territorial dogs. 24. Your husband won't kiss you because you have been slobbered on by numerous dogs. 25. Your bad day is quickly turned better by a pile of puppies.
Featured image via @uluckydogdenver/Instagram

Michella Ventres

5 years ago

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