We Interviewed Morgan Freeman & Diane Keaton About Dogs, Marriage And Moving For “5 Flights Up”

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

May 6, 2015

Looking for a new place in New York City is the most stressful experience a person can ever experience. But, when it also involves selling your current place and a pet emergency, schtuff’s about to go down!

Morgan Freeman, Diane Keaton and Tanner star in this offbeat flick about an older couple going through the motions of life in NYC. The film manages to perfectly capture the ups and downs of a successful, interracial marriage, without being in your face about it. It also touches upon every pet parent’s worst nightmare — a pup emergency.


BarkPost got the pawesome opportunity to speak with Mr. Freeman, Ms. Keaton and pup Tanner about the movie but what we actually loved chatting about? Their personal pup experiences. 🙂

BarkPost: Both of you have worked with dogs so what is it really like working with a pooch?

Mr. Freeman: I worked with dogs up in Greenwood Lake and there were two dogs. One could do one thing the other could do another thing but neither one of them could do both at the same time. So I said to the trainer that this dog is not trained, this dog is hungry because it would always find food and do anything for food.

BarkPost: Who did Tanner (Dorothy in the movie) like more? Mr. Freeman or you?

Ms. Keaton: Oh I’m sure he liked Morgan more. Cause he loves to walk and Morgan walks him in the movie. I had to hold Tanner a lot and he couldn’t take it. In fact I had to do an interview upstairs and Tanner gave me smooches for the first time. I’m not kidding! And I was stunned.

Tanner plays Dorothy in 5 Flights Up

BarkPost: When your dog, Dorothy is going through this aging process alongside the both of you, you really feel her pain. She’s rushed to the vet and this whole process of worrying and wondering about your dog’s well-being begins, have either of you ever had to deal with a real life pet emergency?

Ms. Keaton: Are you kidding? I mean yeah.

Mr. Freeman: My dog got hit by a car one night. Just knocked a whole half block away. She was a big, strong dog and she survived but man getting her to the hospital and spending most of the rest of the night talking to her it was scary. Because generally a dog can die from shock. I mean, they can survive internal injuries, broken bones, but the shock’ll get ’em. So, in order to make my dog stay with me, I stayed up for hours talking to her, telling her, “You gotta stay cool, I’m going to be here, don’t worry about it.” The next evening when I called, they said she was doing good.

Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton Interview

Ms. Keaton: I accidentally ran over my dog, who I found, he’s a rescue. I’ve rescued all my dogs and I’m on the board of the Helen Woodward Foundation. But, anyway, he was a weird, corgi mix. I had no idea he’d gotten out and then I hear a thump. My heart jumped. But, he lived! Just like you, Morgan! It was the worst thing I’ve done in my life. But, Red was totally fine, not a scratch. All of you must have dogs, right, I mean we’re talking about it.

Mr. Freeman: So, dogs resonate with everyone. I did The View yesterday and Rosie Perez said she couldn’t stay till the end of the movie cause she was so concerned about the dog.

BarkPost: Do either of you have dogs now?

Ms. Keaton: I have one dog, she’s not trained. She’s an old Golden and about 11 now. I just LOVE HER!

Here’s a snippet of the beautifully shot movie:

You can watch Freeman and Keaton light up the screen with their amazing chemistry, in theaters, on demand, and on iTunes on May 8th!

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Written by: Tasmai Uppin

May 6, 2015

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