5 Things Your Dog Loves That You Probably Don’t Know

There are many things that you know your dog loves: belly rubs, butt scratches, toilet drinks, romps in the mud, a nice sniff to the rear end of a stranger… but there are also some things that your dog just wishes you knew he/she loves:

1. Edamame: Being soy, edamame are high in protein, and being beans, high in fiber. But you should probably be careful lighting a candle around your dog after an edamame snack– because they are beans after all. 😉

Note: Before introducing any new food to your dog’s diet, make sure to check with your vet first!

2. Laser Pointers. That wiggly beam of photons isn’t just for the cats, lasers also activate a playful pup’s prey drive. And if you’re worried about the lack of reward that a laser gives to your light-hunter in honey-badger mode, try hiding treats around the room and use the laser to help your dog hound down those treats.

3. Ice Cubes. Its a pretty well-known fact that dogs love ice cubes (and that Snoop Dogg loves Ice Cube), but what about chicken broth ice cubes for your pup? Or a game of ice cube soccer on the crate/linoleum floor? While listening to Ice Cube?

carrots and a dog
4. Crunchy fruits and veggies. Carrot sticks, celery, pears, apples, cucumbers, broccoli, and cauliflower.  A five-year-old human’s h-e-double-hockey-sticks and a five-year-old dog’s heaven. (Photo via Elle the Dog)

5. Structure. Boring, we know. But dogs love consistency and routines in their day-to-day lives. Sure they love a good adventure of taking a swim in the creek or a nice trip to that fantasy land that is a dog park, but environmental changes like a new house or an out-of-whack food schedule can stress your dog out and cause an accident on the large, expensive, living room rug. One thing that should always be a part of your pup’s routine? Cuddling. Even a foot snuggle will do. (See photo above.) 😉

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Stacie Grissom

10 years ago