51 Breathtaking Travel Destinations Your Dog Will Adore Visiting With You

There is so much natural beauty in the world, and most of us will never see even a fraction of it. There are always a million excuses to put off a life altering trip- money, work, kids, timing. Life is too short to miss out on the good stuff, and even shorter for our canine companions. Put all the adult baggage aside for a while and take your best friend on the adventure of a lifetime. You won't regret it, and your dog will never forget it. 1. Snoqualmie Mountain Pass in Washington You'll find all sorts of winter fun in this snowy wonderland, and you just might find yourself saying "Fido, I don't think we're in a wardrobe anymore...." hankstagram 2. Mount Pleasent in Virginia, USA A blanket, a view, and your dog--all you need is a snack, and you're ready for one magical nap! samanthabrookephoto 3. Banff National Park in Canada This isn't the dog park down the street--welcome to Canada's oldest national park! 6,500 miles of glaciers, ice fields, and coniferous forests ready for you and your pup to explore. aspenthemountainpup 4. Venice, Italy Sit back and relax as you tour Venice in the comfort of a gondola with your furry best friend! chihuahenry 5. Glacier Peak in Washington, USA Ready to say you hiked Washington's most active volcano with your dog? Just remember to bring a hammock big enough for two because you will want to sit and enjoy the view. sam__davis 6. Beartooth Mountains, U.S These beautiful mountains are located in south central Montana and Northwest Wyoming. Brb civilization, strolling into the sunset with my dog #yolo picobac2 7. Naples, Italy Take a dip in the Amalfi coast after you and your pup enjoy a big bowl of spaghetti, Lady and The Tramp style. Just don't forget to wait 30 minutes before you swim/dog-paddle. taniafileccia 8. Lake Tahoe, USA Whether you and your pup want some summer or winter fun, Lake Tahoe is enjoyable year round, and is also the largest alpine lake in North America. mattbroadwin 9. Vienna, Austria Howl along with your pup as you two stroll through "the City of Music." You're both bound to have a barking good time! koutomoko 10. New England, USA If you and your pup decide to explore historic New England, the North Eastern area of the U.S comprising of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, get ready to frolic over hundreds of beautiful bridges like the one in the picture below! adoria_the_explorer 11. The Louvre in Paris, France This central landmark in "The City of Love" is the perfect place for you and your furry best friend to ponder the wonders of art and culture. nottykriekske 12. Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona, USA What better place to get down on one knee and pop a box of Milkbones than 1000 ft above the Colorado River, during sunset. kylekesterson2 13. Warsaw, Poland Pad through Warsaw Multimedia Fountain Park and watch the exquisite water/light show that takes place at night! makulscy 14. Great San Dunes National Park Get ready to run across the tallest sand dunes in North America! Don't worry, it's unlikely you guys'll run into any cats in this sandbox! kodiak_thebeardog 15. Quebec, Canada Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and European charm of this gorgeous historic city. Oh, and heads up, you're dog will probably want to stop for a Montreal smoked meat sandwich. montecristotravels2 16.  Portland, Maine Visit the iconic Washington Park, or try one of the many coffee houses or microbreweries right at your paws! adoria_the_explorer 17. Buffalo Peaks, Colorado, USA Keep you're eyes peeled for Colorado's largest herd of bighorn sheep as you and your pups pretend like you're on a quest through Middle Earth. boone_and_moon 18. Luxembourg Garden in Paris, France Tour the beautiful palace grounds of Marie de' Medici, and pretend like it's your home for the day. But seriously, don't forget your dog--you can't really pretend some place is your home if your dog isn't there. sosandrine 19. Purcell Mountains, British Columbia, Canada Take in breathtaking views as you and your pup campaign across Canada's southeastern mountain range. picobac 20. San Francisco, California Don't furget your selfie stick! You and your pup will want a picture with this iconic Californian landmark! chuweeee 21. Winter Park in Colorado, USA Winter Park offers a variety of snow fun like skiing, and snowshoeing. It's the perfect place for hoomans who love to be active with their pups! boone_and_moon2 22. The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy Let your creative juices flow and see how many pics you can get of your dog "interacting" with The Leaning Tower of Pisa. montecristotravels 23. Cala Carbo, Spain Drink daiquiris for two, beach-side, as you and your dog enjoy this lovely pebble beach. oscar_charlie_theparson 24. Yoho National Park in British Columbia, Canada Sit back, hand in paw, relax, and enjoy the breathtaking view of Takakkaw Falls adoria_the_explorer2 25. Lake Mead, Las Vegas, USA You and your dog can spend hours exploring the many little coves and rocky cliffs that surround Lake Mead, or you can simply relax and sunbathe on the shore. kylekesterson 26. Rome, Italy With a history over 2,000 years old, Rome offers a lot to explore. That, and hundreds of pawfect photo ops between you and your dog. scottallenwilson 27. Cyclades, Greece Take your pup for a dip in the Aegean Sea or discover some of the countries most pawsome ruins! montecristotravels3 28. Château in Chenonceaux, France Pad around the grounds of this breathtaking castle and make your pup feel like King for a day! max_et_louise 29. Stockholm, Sweden Walk down cobblestone streets and dip your paws into the Baltic sea! Or one of the cities many fountains... demandingspaniel 30.Budapest, Hungary Gaze upon St. Stephen's Basilica or simply wonder the streets and see how many puns you can make about you're dog "always being hungary." 31. Scheveningen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Explore long sandy beaches, a harbor, and even a lighthouse! All of which is way more fun when you have your dog walking alongside you. alyonarutzen 33. Château des Baux in Les Baux-de-Provence, France A day in this French fortress will have you and your dog feeling like a Stark and their Direwolf! teresadallera 34. The Baltic Sea Enclosed by Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic countries, and the North European Plain, this Atlantic Sea is the perfect exotic destination for you and your dog. frenchmorritz 35. Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. One of the few places in the world where you can act like that crazy dog person, and still not be the craziest person there. #VivaLasVegas robertonegrintv 36.The Eiffe Tower in Paris, France After gazing upon the Eiffel tower, sit down with a street artist and get a caricature drawing of you and your furry best friend (at least it's okay if they draw your dogs nose too big). mickeyandmatilda 37. Seven Sisters, Sussex Turn on the most epic song you have and just run. Your dog will enjoy loping along your side and you will feel like a King. missdarcysadventures 38. Hogwarts Time to pack your trunk and head to Kings Cross Station in London, England! Definitely bring your dog (we all know it was a HUGE typo when Harry's letter read "You may bring an owl, a cat, or a toad." Since when was toad man's best friend?) missdarcysadventures2 39. Vancouver, Canada This coastal seaport offers a beautiful city for you and your pup to explore and is also close to nature! jeffpetite 40. Barcelona, Spain Nothing better than a quirky city with your quirky best friend! ricard33 41. Florida, U.S. With beaches, theme parks, and tons of tourist activity, Florida is the perfect summertime destination for you and your pup. laducb 42. Isle of Wight in England Hoomans have been vacationing at this English Island since Victorian times-- what are you and your dog waiting for?! poppiegirlabouttown 43. New York City, New York, U.S. Explore the city that never sleeps and treat your pup to a hot-dog from one of those classic NYC hot dog stands. thepupdiary 44. Milan, Italy Treat your dog (and yourself!) to an extravagant evening in the financial hub, where you will find fine dining and shopping! wooga.dog2 45. The Northern Lights Seeing lots of wavy gray lights in the sky is definitely on your dog's bucket list! sinclair_phot2 46. Keyhole Hot Springs, Whistler, Canada A dog friendly hot tub? Yes please! campingwithdogs 47. Colorado, USA. Just wherever these guys are. I mean c'mon. This is pawfect. kuma_thehuskybear 48. Yosemite National Park in California, USA Let your dog release his inner "Call of The Wild" as you two explore one of America's most amazing national parks. remuna 49. Malibu Beach in California, USA Sand in your toes (or paw pads) a nice beer (or kong), and a beautiful view? Yes please. missemilienne 50. Northern Norway  Northern Norway, the three northernmost counties Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, offer breathtaking views for you and your pup to explore. beauceron1 51. Peyto Lake in Alberta, Canada Cozy up and enjoy the view of this magical glacier-fed lake, located in Alberta, Canada. sinclair_photo

Featured image via @kylekesterson

Hope Bobbitt

3 years ago

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