Abandoned German Shepherd Saved In Daring Tranquilizer Rescue

Warning: In this video, a dog gets shot with a tranquilizer dart. While this was undoubtedly for her own good, it might be hard to watch for some viewers.

This just in – sometimes, humans don’t suck. Take this perseverant team of Hope For Paws heroes, for example, who took it upon themselves to dedicate their time, energy, and resources to saving this white German Shepherd from a miserable fate stranded out in the scorching desert.


Though Venus was skittish at first, she quickly warmed up to the care and kindness of her saviors. Now that she’s no longer roasting out in the sun, she’s looking for a family to call her own. To learn more about Venus or to make a difference to dogs like her with a donation, please visit Hope For Paws.

Featured image via Hope For Paws

Ally Nesmith

6 years ago