Rest In Pieces: A Tribute To The Toys We Lost

Written by: Ally Nesmith

June 2, 2017

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If your dog is like the BarkPost dogs, you’ve noticed that treasured toys have a way of getting, well, destroyed. There’s a couple ways you can react when your pup’s favorite toy bites the dust. Personally, we’re big fans of going the melodramatic, over-the-top route with this sorta thing.

Which brings us to this: writing memorials for the toys our rascally pups obliterated.

Frank the Frog Prince passed on January 23rd, following a brief but heated scuffle in the backyard. He gave his life in a heated contest between arch rivals and litter-mates Max and June. He will be remembered for his selflessness, his irresistibly fluffy innards, and the smile that was forever on his Frog face, even in passing.

Benji the Bouncing Tiger died yesterday afternoon in his home. Having sustained multiple injuries in a lengthy wrestling match, he was rushed to the sewing machine, where he was pronounced destroyed on arrival.

Zip Zop Zoobity Zebra fluffled off this mortal coil surrounded by family and friends. An avid swimmer, she loved whenever her friend Ziggy dropped her in the water bowl for no reason. Her hobbies included squeaking, being squeaked, and making squeaky noises.

The Adorable Snowman passed last Tuesday after a long battle with Ralph. An ardent explorer, he once journeyed all the way to the third floor of the house, where he spent six months living with a flock of dust bunnies.

Chompin’ Charlie passed last Thursday after a friendly game of fetch turned deadly. He will be missed by his many friends, most notably his pal Pimm, who chewed him up in about twenty minutes. Jeez, Pimm.

These toys gave their all for the dogs they were created to entertain. They definitely did not go down without a fight. Thank you, toys. And holy $#!&, we know some feisty pups!

Has your dog wrecked one of their favorite toys recently? Send us a picture of the carnage! And feel free to write a memorial. We would like to pay our respects.

Also, vote below to tell us what you do when your dog destroys a toy and see where you stand with regard to the rest of our readers.

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Written by: Ally Nesmith

June 2, 2017