Written by: Stacie Grissom

April 16, 2020

OKAY OKAY EVERYONE STOP YER YELLING THE SPECIAL FUN TIME TOYS ARE BACK. Because of the overewhelming demand over the last few months, we wanted to connect our customers direct to our supplier, Farmer Jared.

Want some? Just text Jared at 417-420-BARK and he’ll hook u up 🌯 If you don’t like texting farmers to get your farm-fresh spinach, just click this link. (Click here for Super Chewers!) Active subscribers– pop over to your Add-to-Box page and you can add all the toys to your next box!

Also if your dog wants these, act fast! We only have a limited supply and the last time we ran out these toys popped up on Ebay:


Now back to our update from 4/20/20:


To put it lightly, this last month has been weird as HECK. The lockdowns, the quarantines, the worrying about loved ones, worrying about jobs, worrying about the news– everything these days feels so intense, even if all the feeling has been felt staring into a computer from my couch with a dog glued to my side.

But yesterday- WOWee. Yesterday was a heckin’ good day here in the BARK world, one of the most fun days I’ve had at work in the last 8 years.

Why, you ask? LET ME TELL YOU. Yesterday we launched a promotion featuring our “Oregano Tug Toy,” our “Science Beaker Toy,” and our “Spinach Burrito Toy.”

It’s no secret that we at BARK are not afraid to make some weird dog toys… And TRULY we don’t always make these toys on purpose.

But yesterday’s toys? YEAH we did these on purpose… But we didn’t know if you all would think they are as hilarious as we find them.

It all started with a brand new BARK designer’s routine design test for an interview—his name is Adam. The team asked him to draw out various concepts, like a seasonal toy, an interactive toy, a tug toy, and in this case, a wild card: “Something totally crazy that really pushes boundaries.”


With jaws agape in awe, our design team said,

“Adam.. YOU’RE HIRED.”

And then we made the toys! We launched the toys quietly at the beginning of the month to make sure our active customers got a chance to snag the toys first, and then yesterday we opened the toys up to the dog-lovin’ public.

We started our promotion of a free oregano tug / spinach burrito / science beaker for your dog on 4/15, intending the promotion to hold out until April 20th. You know, April 20th– a normal day in which your dog should get to play with normal toys, made by normal people. Have a good, normal day.


WE SOLD OUT OF OUR TOYS IN 24 HOURS. All of them. They’re gone!!

But not going to lie– before things picked up, those of us on the social team were a bit scared our joke wasn’t going to land.

BUT NO, we should have had faith in dog people because



AT US. 😂😂😂

Some folks called us out on our previous cheeky pig butt toy…

Some folks (internal employees AND sweet sweet customers) were worried that an angry Tweet was being run as a paid ad… (Nope that was on purpose.😂)

And some folks were STILL mad about the pig butt toy, about Karen name-shaming, and about the existence of the new spinach burritos. o/ (FWIW our Director of Paid Social is named Karen and she is lovely and she helped make these ads.)

We had an accidental romance


And of course, lest I forget all the spinach connoisseurs…

To conclude– yesterday was a really fun day. The kind of day that gave us some super-needed chuckles.

Thank you so much to everyone who said funny stuff to us… mean stuff to us, weird stuff to us… Just thanks. <3

And a serious SERIOUS thanks to everyone who signed up for BarkBox yesterday. We hope this helps us continue to do weird stuff to make you and your dog happy for years to come.

^^^ Including this officer of the law.

And one extra set of thanks to our founder, Meat Meeker, who continues to employ us even though we are not NOT annoying employees…

To all you spinach-burrito-loving, science-beaker-celebrating, oregano-using pup lovers out there who snagged these toys today, thank you from the bottom of our pug-lovin’ hearts. YESTERDAY WAS FUN.

Written by: Stacie Grissom

April 16, 2020