Answer This Quiz as Your Dog: We’ll Tell You What They Want for Christmas

The holidays can be hard on our sweet doggos. There's a huge stick in the living room that can't be fetched, smells of toys and treats wafting from under the tree, and so many dang OUTFITS to wear for pictures to send to Aunt Natalie.

As you’re scrambling to find all the best gifts for your two and four-legged family members, we created this quiz to help you see what your dog would like wrapped up under the tree.*

*Apologies in advance if your quiz result comes back as "Moist and sun-ripened wildebeest caca." We tried to make this quiz as accurate as possible and if you get that result, you know we're right. o/

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Featured image via @LoveabullLisa!

Stacy Grissom

2 years ago

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