We Fooled Some Hoomans This April Fools’ Day

Image: Corgnelius
This morning Dogs of Instagram revealed that the uber-famous Hamilton the Hipster Cat was the brains behind the pupular Instagram account. Dogs of Instagram also announced that going fur-ward, they’d be posting cat photos since market research demonstrated cats’ superior cuteness.

Since The BarkPost is dedicated to making dogs more famous than cats on the interwebz, we wrote a scathing rebuttal here on The BarkPost demanding that Dogs of Instagram keep their account dedicated to the pups.

As it turns out, the prank indeed April Fooled a few folks…
Some people thought it was pretty cool…
And some were so mad that they commented and deleted their comment later. 🙂 (Handles hidden for internetiquette. 🙂

We even got 50 people to sign our petition against Dogs of Instagram!
But, since it is April Fools’ Day, it was a joke.

And the internets were very thankful that it was a joke.

Happy April Fools’ Day! 😉

Stacy Grissom

8 years ago

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